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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Lackey Clinic Launches Virtual Urgent Care

The Lackey Clinic can now help those who are at 300 percent or below the federal poverty level thanks to this year's Medicaid expansion. (WYDaily/Courtesy Lackey Clinic)
The Lackey Clinic can now help those who are at 300 percent or below the federal poverty level thanks to this year’s Medicaid expansion. (WYDaily/Courtesy Lackey Clinic)

YORKTOWN — Lackey Clinic, a free and charitable healthcare center, started its new Lackey Virtual Urgent Care program to provide medical care to the uninsured beyond its walls. The Clinic provides high-quality medical services to ensure patients receive superb care, renewed hope, and an uplifted spirit.

During the start of the pandemic, the Clinic started its telehealth program, increasing the ability to care for its patients safely and remotely. Telehealth is especially important because many of the Clinic’s patients do not have transportation, childcare, time off work, or translation capabilities, and they have limited income to try and pay for any of these. The number of people who do not earn enough to afford basic necessities is growing, and telehealth alleviates many of these barriers preventing them from quality healthcare.

Since telehealth was so successful for the patients, the Clinic decided to utilize the technology further — expanding to launch Lackey Virtual Urgent Care to help even more people. Dr. Ralph Robertson (former Lackey Clinic Medical Director and a current volunteer medical provider at the Clinic) and other volunteer medical providers are donating their time and talents to provide quicker access to quality healthcare.

“We have been able to prescribe and provide affordable prescriptions, medical guidance, and patient education. Many say they would either not have sought care or would have gone to an ER,” said Dr. Robertson.

The Lackey Clinic was co-founded in 1995 by Dr. Jim Shaw and his wife, Cooka. The faith-based Clinic provides a full range of quality healthcare services including: primary and specialty medical care, dental care, virtual urgent care, better vision eye care, free and low-cost medications, behavioral health counseling, telehealth services, and spiritual care for low-income, uninsured adults in the Virginia Peninsula.

For more information about the Clinic, how to become a patient, how to volunteer, or how to donate, please visit:

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