Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Voluntary Irrigation Restrictions Still in Place, Water Main Completion Delayed

A map showing JCSA voluntary irrigation restrictions. (Courtesy of JCSA)

JAMES CITY COUNTY — The James City Service Authority (JCSA) continues to work on the replacement for the Route 5 water main at Powhatan Creek.

JCSA publicly announced the water main’s break back in late May. As a precaution, residents have been asked to conserve water, including not watering their lawns. The main break has not resulted in a loss of service for customers.

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According to a July 1 news release from JCSA, the contractor has completed the installation of the pipe on both sides of the creek.

The next and final steps to the project include installing a pipe bridge and then connect the pipe. The pipe bridge is pre-fabricated and the manufacturer estimates an additional three weeks until it is delivered.

The contractor will then need about two more weeks to install the bridge and make the connections. The estimated time of completion for the project has been delayed to early August; three weeks later than originally estimated.

Voluntary water restrictions remain in place until the project is completed.

“This is not the news anyone was hoping for, but we are doing everything we can to replace the pipe as quickly as possible,” said General Manager Doug Powell.

The lane closure on Route 5 at the Powhatan Creek that has been in place will be suspended until the work on the bridge can begin. At that time, the lane closure will be reinstated. JCSA will provide another update as work progresses.

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