Saturday, September 23, 2023

“Gunda: The Movie” Screening to Be Held With Special Pig Guest

Life with Pigs Animal Sanctuary will hold a screening of Gunda: The Movie, with a special guest appearance from Pumpkin the pig. (WYDaily/Courtesy of Ryan Phillips)

WILLIAMSBURG — A film screening of “Gunda: The Movie” will take place at the Williamsburg Library Theatre, with a very special animal guest in attendance.

“Gunda: The Movie” is a documentary shot in black and white that allows audiences to see life through the eyes of animals. Executive produced by Joaquin Phoenix, the documentary tells the story of a sow and her piglets, two cows and a one-legged chicken.

The event will be held by Ryan and Mallory Phillips of Life with Pigs, a Williamsburg-based nonprofit animal sanctuary that takes in animals in need and gives them a second chance. The sanctuary is now home to over twenty rescued farm animals. 

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General admission tickets are $5 with admission going towards supporting Life with Pigs.

In attendance for the screening will be Pumpkin the Pig who will meet guests after the screening. 

Pumpkin was the sanctuary’s first rescued farm animal. She was previously being used as a breeder pig and was no longer needed and, like the sow depicted in the documentary, was given a second chance at life along with her daughter.

The event takes place at the Williamsburg Library Theatre, 515 Scotland St., on Saturday, July 17 from 2:15 to 4:30 p.m. 

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