Sunday, December 3, 2023

Cows Cause Commotion Along Mooretown Road

(Note: Images of the actual cows were not made available to WYDaily. This image is of two black heifer angus cows, similar to the ones mentioned in this story. Courtesy of Wikipedia)

MOORETOWN ROAD – Two cows who wandered off their owner’s property this past week made quite a stir along the Mooretown Road area.

“They were just weaned from their mothers and the owner had just bought them on Sunday, so they were probably looking for their mothers,” said Mitch Monroe, Animal Services Supervisor for York County

Monroe said that over this last week, the agency got several calls reporting cow sightings. He added that he and the owner had been working on herding the animals back to the owner’s property near Bulifants Blvd.

“You can’t really capture them. The best you can do is herd them,” Monroe said.

Apparently, the two heifer cows proved to be smarter than the average cow because they managed to escape the property twice after their first capture. The cows are now back home and safe.

According to Monroe there is a third black heifer cow still wandering the area. He said if anyone sees the cow to call dispatch at 757-890-3601.

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