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JCC Announces Pilot Program to Improve Glass Recycling

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JAMES CITY COUNTY — James City County (JCC) is starting a new glass recycling pilot program by partnering with Owens-Illinois (O-I). 

The program will establish glass-only recycling containers at several locations throughout the County with no additional cost implications.

O-I is donating the bunker for storage of recycled glass and four collection containers. The collection bins will each be 10 yards and purple, a color synonymous with glass-only recycling.

The glass collected in these containers will be taken to the O-I Toano plant in the Hankins Industrial Park and processed into a glass cullet, which is the material needed to produce new glass bottles. Recycled glass can be substituted for up to 95% of raw materials. 

According to Tourism & Marketing Coordinator for JCC Economic Development Laura Messer the locations for the recycling containers have yet to be determined. JCC will announce the locations at a later date. 

Residents will still be able to place glass in curbside recycling carts. However, this program will make it more efficient to recycle glass through a process where it is not contaminated with any other materials. 

According to a JCC news release from May 27, when glass is collected through the curbside program, it breaks during collection, transport and the unloading process, which mixes with other materials, making it a challenge to separate and achieve successful recycling of all glass.

O-I has produced glass in JCC since 1980, using natural materials such as sand, limestone, soda ash and recycled glass. 

“Living and working in the area, we see a great opportunity to positively impact the planet and our shared community by ensuring access to glass recycling. Glass is infinitely recyclable, and it becomes even more sustainable by using recycled glass to make new glass,” said Jim Nordmeyer, VP of global sustainability for O-I., said in a statement from the news release. 

Nordmeyer also announced O-I will make a charitable donation to the United Way based on the amount of glass that it receives from James City County. 

Empty and rinsed glass of all colors can be placed in glass-only containers including alcohol and other glass beverage containers, food jars (baby food, fruit and vegetable containers, soy sauce and spaghetti sauce) and other glass. 

Clear, blue, green and brown glass are all accepted. Labels, lids and bottle caps can remain on containers, but can be recycled separately as metal and plastic. Things that cannot be recycled are light bulbs, Pyrex, mirrors, windows and ceramics/pottery.

If your business or organization would like to facilitate a smaller glass-only container, contact the JCC Office of Economic Development by emailing


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