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Shoofly is bringing the community together, one rock at a time

Shoofly Dairy Bar is holding a summer-long hide n’ seek campaign, where the community is challenged to find hidden rocks around Williamsburg to bring back to the store for a discount on ice cream and desserts. (WYDaily/Courtesy of Shoofly Dairy Bar)

WILLIAMSBURG — Local ice cream and dessert shop, Shoofly Dairy Bar, is holding a community-wide hide n’ seek game.

Shoofly, located at 7127 Merrimac Trail, kicked off their “Shoofly Rocks” summer campaign this month in an effort to bring the Williamsburg community together.

Shop employees have hidden rocks all around Williamsburg that are decorated with Shoofly’s most popular menu items. Locals and visitors are encouraged to to find the rocks and bring them back to the store for a special discount.

The campaign, which will last throughout the summer, is a way for Shoofly to encourage the community to get outside and enjoy the weather, while also promoting its popular products.

Shoofly’s owner, Beth Hertzler, said that as a former first grade teacher, she enjoys finding fun and active ways to bring people together. 

The inspiration was from wanting to get our customers and employees outdoors,” Hertzler said. “It’s a community-building and team-building campaign.”

Enid Dorsey, a former student of Shoofly’s owner, painted the hidden rocks with some of the shop’s best-selling items. (WYDaily/Courtesy of Shoofly Dairy Bar)

Shoofly opened in October 2017 and soon became a Williamsburg staple. The shop is dedicated to serving all-natural, healthy ice cream and dessert products. 

The shop often holds fundraisers for local schools and charities to get. The total amount collected in Shoofly’s tip jar gets donated to charitable organizations. It recently wrapped up a tip jar drive for FISH, Inc. of Williamsburg. 

Hertzler said that the hide n’ seek campaign helps kick off Shoofly’s summer season, as it is also bringing back its outdoor game area, including corn hole boards. 

Shoofly spokeswoman, Jessi DiPette, said that Hertzler’s goal is always to make people happy. 

“Beth is always looking for new and fun ways to bring the community together,” DiPette said. “Her vision for the shop is not only to be a hub for all-natural, delicious desserts, but to give back to the community.” 

The rock idea was a collaboration between Hertzler and her former first grade student, Enid Dorsey, who painted the rocks. 

“We like supporting our local artists,” Hertzler said.

The decorated rocks have been hidden on the WISC community trail, Duke of Gloucester Street, and other popular Williamsburg locations for residents and visitors to find. 

The rocks are decorated with little paintings of the shops’ best-selling items, such as ice cream cones and snow balls.   

Clues for the hiding places can be found on Shoofly’s Instagram and Facebook pages.


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