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Out with the old, in with the new [Free read]

ReStore truck driver Dustin Hickman loads donated items on his truck in the Williamsburg area.

Think ReStore to donate renovation materials

Most of us think to donate the sweater that little Jimmy outgrew or the framed picture that never did look right above the fireplace.

But did you know that Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores in Newport News and Williamsburg encourage you to also consider donating functional renovation items that would otherwise go to waste in a landfill?

If you’re renovating your home or business, that includes items you are replacing as well as materials you bought for improvements but didn’t use.

All donations are tax-deductible and the ReStore team offers FREE pick-up services to collect your donations at your home or business.

Proceeds from all sales benefit Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg and its mission to build homes and hope in the community.

Need some donation suggestions, aside from what’s noted on this donation page? Read on below.

1. As long as your appliances work, they’re gold at the ReStore. Stoves, refrigerators and washers, dryers, dishwashers (must be manufactured in 2010 or newer) welcome. Have appliances that aren’t in working order? Contact the ReStore about those, too. Thanks to recycling options, the ReStore might still be able to accept your donation and can redeem the parts for cash that will be funneled into the Habitat mission.

2. It’s an open-and-shut case; we’ll take your residential doors and windows. No broken glass, please. Inside and outdoor doors accepted. Do take note of a couple of exceptions: the ReStore doesn’t accept wooden windows. They do accept wooden window sashes that have no rot, however, as DIYers love them for art projects.

3. ReStore would love your cabinets, assuming the doors and drawers are intact. All cabinets donated – kitchen, bathroom and any type of storage cabinet – must be free from water damage.

4. Going from laminate to Corian in the kitchen? As long as your countertop is six feet with no sink holes, donate that. Marble, granite, Quartz, Formica, tile and wood also accepted (no corner pieces, please).

5. Donate full boxes or rolls of flooring (one room minimum). Tile, laminate, hardwood, vinyl/linoleum and underlayment, please!

6. You meant to use that lumber for the kids’ treehouse (but they’re in high school now). And you didn’t measure quite right for the patio upgrade, leaving you with a stash of extra bricks. Donate bricks, cinder block and mortar (full bags only) along with lumber that is at least six feet in length. Large amounts of masonry must be palletized (get your free pallet from us). Pallets of masonry must be stacked no higher than two feet and free of debris. Lumber must be at least six feet in length, minus nails and screws and without any warping or weathering.

7. If you are transforming your bathroom, chances are it’s out with the old, sink and toilet included. Don’t set those items at the curb, think ReStore. Donated toilets must be either white or off white, must include the bowl and tank, and must be in working order. Fiberglass bathtubs and cast-iron tubs are accepted as well as clawfoots.

8. As long as there’s no rust on your new, unopened paint cans, donate these. Have open paint cans, or oil-based products? While the ReStore can’t accept those, contact your local waste management company for guidance on how to safely discard.

9. Most of us are overrun with nails, screws, nuts and bolts we’re never going to use. As long as they’re bagged, boxed or jarred, they’re ripe for donation along with hangers, hinges, brackets and knobs.

10. Those blinds you meant to hang but stored in the closet? ReStore will take them as long as they’re new and in the box. No aluminum blinds accepted. No box necessary for plantation shutters.

11. Rid your shed of old roofing supplies. Minimum of 10 full, secured packs required. ReStores do accept partial rolls of shingles or paper. Full boxes of siding wanted (vinyl, hardie plank and clapboard).

12. Brighten up ReStores with your discarded lighting. Table/desk/floor lamps, ceiling fans (don’t worry if you don’t have a hanger), and landscape lighting free of dirt and rust-free sconces all accepted.

Have questions? Call the donation hotline at 757-932-8976 (option 1) and a ReStore team member can help guide you through your donation questions.

Ready to make your donation? Submit a donation pickup form online to schedule a free pick-up.

You can also take your donation to either location between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., Thursday through Saturday.

Do not leave your donations outside of the store.

The Newport News ReStore is located at 371 Chatham Drive. The Williamsburg ReStore is located at 1303 Jamestown Road.

Learn more about both locations at

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