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Overcome the mental hurdles to achieving diet & weight-loss goals by signing up for new LWell program [Free read]

Get Lean After Quarantine classes offered in-person and online starting April 13.

Get Lean After Quarantine” or G-LAQ isn’t just one more diet and exercise program.

The new offering from Williamsburg-based LWell embraces that most of us set goals to lose an extra 10 pounds or spend 30 minutes a day exercising. We also have intentions on how to go about that but lack the right mindset to ever actually remove those goals from the to-do list.

LWell’s Kacey Gibson, a certified mental performance consultant, will focus on harnessing motivation to stay on track for a goal in a series of classes that begin April 13. Participants can choose to meet in-person or virtually for the eight week program. The in-person sessions will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesdays beginning April 13 at the Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex at 5700 Warhill Trail in Williamsburg. Virtual sessions meet in real time via Zoom at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays beginning on April 14.

The one-hour classes will encourage participants to hone in on their own motivation, discover their “why” and build the confidence to change the familiar narrative. Gibson will also discuss stress management techniques and strategy for a strength-based approach to overcome setbacks. The crux of the classes revolves around acknowledging that these goals continue to reoccur because once a setback gets in the way, many of us give up or give in.

“It’s not necessarily that people don’t know what they should be doing,” Gibson said. “Many people have a general idea of what the healthy foods are. The problem is they can’t harness sustainable long term motivation to stay on track.”

Gibson, who routinely works with elite athletes and soldiers, holds a master’s in counseling, specializing in sport and health psychology from Adler University. She earned a bachelor’s in biology from Edinboro University. She ran track and cross country collegiately and completed the Boston Marathon.

Unlike the typical weight loss programs, G-LAQ will largely focus on that mental aspect that keeps us stuck in the same pattern, wishing to go down a pants size or wanting to make cardio a habit.

“Most people don’t realize that real long-term change happens very slowly,” Gibson said. “So, it’s really important for people to understand their motivation. A lot of people think they know what motivates them, but they’re pulling on motivation that doesn’t work long term.”

No matter how gung-ho we are at the start, the obstacles — which can range from injury to a change in work schedule to a childcare hitch — often derail the process. Gibson stresses that significant change must include knowing your comfort zone and being able to break out of it to move forward in a positive manner.

“When we have the urge to quit, we go back to our traditional way of doing things,” she said.

The timing of G-LAQ isn’t accidental. With vaccination numbers rising and people looking at the summer and fall with renewed optimism, it’s a good time to take the necessary strides to make a long-awaited change, Gibson said.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people who say they forgot to take care of themselves during the pandemic,” she added. “A lot of people probably used food as comfort, so now they need to figure out their new normal. This is one step to a new normal and figuring out what a healthier lifestyle looks like.”

LWell’s staff also includes registered dietitians-nutritionists, occupational therapists, certified diabetic educators and wellness coaches.

G-LAQ participants can sign up online at or call 833-516-0454 for information. Cost is $399, which can be broken up into two payments.

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