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Williamsburg Drug Co. brings specialized care to its customers

T.W. Taylor has been the owner of the Williamsburg Drug Company since 2017. (WYDaily/Photo by Molly Feser)

WILLIAMSBURG — Since 1895, Williamsburg Drug Company has been serving local residents for their medication needs.  

The full-service pharmacy, which has two locations at 240 McClaws Circle #147 and at 1310 Jamestown Road, does more than deliver the average over-the-counter medications, but provides specialized services for a variety of medical needs. 

Williamsburg Drug Company has two onsite compounding laboratories, where medications are created to meet the needs of individual patients that aren’t commonly met through commercial manufacturers. The labs are classified USP 795 and 800 (more information regarding these classifications can be found by clicking the links).

The company’s owner, T.W. Taylor, purchased Williamsburg Drug Company in 2017 and has made it his mission to help customers with all types of symptoms and illnesses. 

Taylor says that Williamsburg Drug Company has the only nationally accredited compounding labs east of Richmond. He takes a great deal of pride in that. 

“We have all professional-grade stuff, so when you take a supplement [from Williamsburg Drug Company], it actually works,” Taylor said. 

A Hometown Pharmacy

Williamsburg Drug Company prides itself on its (literal) transparency.

Customers can peer through glass windows in order to watch medications and supplements being made in the company’s state-of-the-art laboratories.

Taylor said that tens of thousands of capsules are made in the company’s labs each week.

The Williamsburg Drug Co features two compounding laboratories. (WYDaily/Photo by Molly Feser)

Additionally, Williamsburg Drug Company has been serving the community during the COVID-19 pandemic with everything from testing to vaccinations.

For Taylor, getting to the root of customers’ problems is just as satisfying as it is thrilling.

His goal is to help customers live their healthiest life.

“If you’re a nanny, we want you to be your best nanny. If you’re a triathlete, let’s give your body all the tools to perform your best,” Taylor said.

More Than Just Medicines

Aside from compounding specialized medications, Williamsburg Drug Company is also able to provide medical testing. A phlebotomist comes to the pharmacy to draw blood or conduct urine tests to aid in getting to the root of the medical problems for the customers that the pharmacy serves.

The Williamsburg Drug Company’s new location on Jamestown Road delivers a full-service pharmacy and two labs. (WYDaily/Photo by Molly Feser)

Williamsburg Drug Company also provides CBD products for its customers. 

In fact, Williamsburg Drug Company is collaborating with Eastern Virginia Medical School to perform a study on the effects of CBD on patients living with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

“Life is about being healthy, and that leads to happiness. Otherwise, you’re sick. And so we want everyone to perform at their personal best,” he said.

More Than Just People

However, the pharmacy helps more than people, but also animals.

Williamsburg Drug Company partners with Busch Gardens Williamsburg to help provide for the medical needs of the animals that live at the park. From bearded dragons to wolves, Williamsburg Drug Company is there to provide specialized treatments for these animals.

Recently, BGW’s elderly Harris Hawk, Diane, needed a specialized medication for her health challenges.

“Birds usually have fungal infections, dogs have seizures, reptiles usually have calcium deficiency, so they need specialized calcium,” Taylor said. “So it’s a lot of cool stuff we do.”

A Pharmacist With a Love for Excitement

Prior to owning Williamsburg Drug Company, Taylor had quite a diverse career.

After graduating from pharmacy school in 1982, he served in the U.S. Air Force, drove race cars for NASCAR, and then diving into both pharmacy and compounding businesses.

It was this that eventually led him to buy Williamsburg Drug Company. 

“I liked racing,” Taylor said. “It was a challenge. It makes life fun.”

Before going into the drug compounding business, Taylor drove race cars for NASCAR. (WYDaily/Photo by Molly Feser)

Though he hasn’t driven a race car for 25 years, Taylor still finds excitement in what he does each day. The work that Williamsburg Drug Company does brings him a great pride.

“It’s just about being really enthusiastic about what you’re doing, and make it fun and make it interesting,” Taylor said.

It is Taylor’s enthusiasm continues to propel the spirit of this locally-owned pharmacy as it continues to support the people and animals of the Historic Triangle.

You can see WYDaily’s coverage of the Williamsburg Drug Company in the video below:


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