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The Unbillable Hour – March 2021 [Free read]

Akers & Cleator Law Group is growing steady each month since their Grand Opening back in February of 2019. Thomas “Tom” Cleator, Esq. and William “Peyton” Akers, Esq. as well as their Associate Attorney, Deborah “Deb” Goodwin, Esq. are offering many answers to your questions, for free!

During their Unbillable Hour, they are answering questions that pertain to their legal expertise to every person in the community. So, take this opportunity to educate yourself.

One specific question was regarding a person involved in an abusive relationship that she recently decided to leave. They also have children involved and she feared for both themselves and their children regarding when or if the father was released from jail. She asked, “Do I have to face him in Court, and how do I protect myself and kids’ long term?”

There are specific resources out there to assist in this situation. First and foremost, be sure to notify the police if you feel like you are in danger or unsure of how to proceed in a safe manner in protecting your children.

A few things mentioned by Deb and Peyton were to try and file an Initial Petition for Custody and Visitation as well as a Protective Order. The Court will assign a Guardian Ad Litem to represent the best interest of the children or may see fit to also assign a CASA (Court appointed special advocate) to assist.

Another resource mentioned was Avalon Center in Williamsburg who assist women in domestic violence relationships. They offer a 24-hour crisis hotline, can prepare a safety plan, and offer counseling. Their website is

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As a reminder, Akers & Cleator Law Group practice multiple areas of law. They specialize in Family Law (divorce, child/spousal support, and custody & visitation), Criminal Law (traffic, domestic, misdemeanors, and felonies), Personal Injury (auto accidents, premises injuries, wrongful death, and negligence), Civil Litigation (mental health, contracts/breech of contracts, property damage, and more), and Debt Collection (whether you are collecting a debt or have a debt against you).

Akers & Cleator Law Group are here to help!

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