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Criminal complaint sheds new light on York County woman’s death

The Hampton Police Division is hosting its annual Minister's Citizen Police Academy for the fourth year. (WYDaily/Courtesy Hampton Police Division)
The Hampton Police Department is investigating the death of a woman from York County who had been reported missing for almost a week. (WYDaily/Courtesy Hampton Police Division)

HAMPTON — Marina Turner, a 20-year-old-woman from York County, was reported missing by her mother on February 22. Four days later, she was found dead in Hampton.

But the circumstances surrounding the case have remained a mystery.

Reggie Williams, spokesperson for the Hampton Police Department, confirmed that  Jamarus Emanuel Granger, 37, of Hampton, was arrested in Newport News on March 12 for one count of unlawful concealment of a body.

“It’s still considered an active investigation so they’re not ready to release any specific details,” Williams said on Wednesday. “Anything related to the cause of the death has to come through the medical examiners office.”

On March 2, Donna Price, district administrator for the medical examiner’s office in Norfolk, noted that the cause of death was currently listed as “pending further investigation.” She also said that autopsy results were not expected for another 12-14 weeks.

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According to a Hampton General District Court criminal complaint, a confidential informant reported that there was a party in Hampton on February 21 and that “Ms. Turner had overdosed and died.”

Court documents noted that at approximately 5:45 p.m., Turner arrived in a white Cadillac to 2102 Kecoughtan Road, Apt. B, at the Colonial Landing Apartments in Hampton.

The complaint also states that a subject, referred to as “J,” was the one who later disposed of Turner’s body.

Hampton PD later confirmed that the identity of “J” was Granger.

Two days after witnesses reported seeing Turner’s arrival to the apartment, Granger was seen at approximately 1:36 a.m. leaving the building, “talking on his cellphone,” and pacing, according to the criminal complaint.

Granger moved the white Cadillac, parking it with the trunk facing towards the apartment building.

He left the vehicle for a few minutes and returned two other unidentified males. The three men were witnessed struggling to carry a “large bundle of blankets” which appeared to be heavy, according to court documents.

A witness reported seeing one of the men ”gripping a pair of feet that were clothed in black stockings protruding from the blankets,” before placing it in the trunk.

Granger and one of the unidentified men drove Cadillac east before heading south towards Powhatan Parkway. Their trip was captured on traffic cameras, according to court documents.

These same documents noted that an unidentified female was later witnessed with Granger carrying the same handbag that the victim was seen carrying into the apartment.

On Feb. 25, emergency communications received a complaint that a body was found at the end of Secota Drive. A woman’s remains were discovered partially wrapped in blankets that were similar to those allegedly used by Granger and the other unidentified males on Feb. 22. The remains were soon identified as Turner’s.

According to the criminal complaint, Turner was found wearing the same black stockings that were witnessed protruding from the bundle on Feb. 22.

There is a bond hearing scheduled for Granger on Friday, March 18 at 8:30 a.m.

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Julia Marsigliano
Julia Marsigliano
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