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A new York County fire station lease has been approved

At the York County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday Dec. 15, the board authorized the County Administrator to execute a lease agreement for the former Crossroads Group Home property to establish a new fire station at 5684 Mooretown Road. The agreement was made between the City of Williamsburg and York County.

According to documents on the facility is located in York County, however the property is owned by the City of Williamsburg and due to the cessation of the facility being used for its original intended purpose, previous arrangements provide for ownership of the facility to revert to the City of Williamsburg.

Conceptual plan of fire station #7. (Wydaily/Courtesy of

York County has identified a critical need for a fire station to serve that area of the county since 2005 according to York County Fire Chief Steve Kopczynski, which would also be of benefit to the overall region.

Neil Morgan, county administrator and the City Manager of Williamsburg and have negotiated a 40-year term with an annual rent of $5,000 payable as a one-time up-front payment of $200,000 for the entire term. The money will come from the fiscal year 2020 designated surplus.

“There was a general soft spot in our FLS coverage in this part of the county, so this opportunity, an opportunity to construct a station at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost, seemed too good to pass by,” Morgan said.

Kopczynski is excited about the new station.

“It’s win win for everyone I think,” said Kopczynski.

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