Thursday, February 2, 2023

Giddy up for Sensory Sunday. Here’s what that is

A child interacting with a horse at CHATS Sensory Sunday event. (WYDaily/Courtesy of CHATS Facebook page)
A child interacting with a horse at CHATS Sensory Sunday event. (WYDaily/Courtesy of CHATS Facebook page)

Cole’s Horse Autism Therapy Station is hosting its second Sensory Sunday for families with children who have autism or similar special needs.

It will be on Dec. 13.

Activities include a trail walk on the CHATS eighteen acre land, holiday themed sticker sheets, pinecone painting, sensory bags, ornament crafting, sand paper coloring, treehouse exploration, swings and interacting with CHATS therapy horse elves.

CHATS posted on Facebook tickets are $25 for families per family of five. To reserve a spot families are asked to email

Owners Drs. Megan McGavern and Huy Tran started the nonprofit CHATS in September to help kids like their autistic 9-year-old son Cole was helped through the Movement Method horse therapy in Austin, Texas three years ago.

“We saw such changes with Cole,” McGavern said.

MCGavern said the Movement Method is an evidence-based therapy model created by Rupert Isaacson for children with neurocognitive differences like autism. The therapy model based on the premise that children must be able to move in order to learn.

Isaacson wrote a book called the “The Horse Boy” about him and his wife’s journey to find healing for their autistic son, Rowan, after discovering their son Rowan’s condition was improving by contact with horses.

Within reading 20 pages of the book, McGavern said knew she had to find a way to meet him, they ended up taking him for a week to Austin. She created a movement method program soon after with two horses to help others.

“To be at this point where I can help other families is great,” McGavern said.

For more information about CHATS follow their Facebook page.


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