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You don’t have to wear a face mask when getting a facial. Here’s the deal

Residents getting a facial are not required to wear face masks during part of their appointment. (WYDaily/ Courtesy of Unsplash)
Residents getting a facial are not required to wear face masks during part of their appointment. (WYDaily/ Courtesy of Unsplash)

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted government and health officials to issue guidelines such as face coverings, social distancing protocols and gathering restrictions.

Irene Ferrainolo, spokeswoman for the Peninsula Health District, said on Dec. 2, the recent amendment to Gov. Ralph Northam’s Executive Order 67 regarding personal care and personal grooming services in Phase 3 now allows a “client to remove their mask to receive any kind of service that involves that portion of their face.”

The latest guidance also applies to spas, which means a customer getting a facial does not have to wear a mask when the esthetician is working on the nose and mouth portion of their face. But the estheticians themselves still need to wear a face masks during the appointment.

Previously, spas were allowed to perform facials as long as their clients wore a face mask during the session.

“I’m very happy that we can finally proceed with our services,” said Nicole Lehr, owner and esthetician of Purity Day Spa, told WYDaily in a Nov. 18 interview.

For nine months, the spa was not providing facials or any other face services for their clients, except for eyebrows.

“We were doing a lot of consultations over phone, over Zoom,” she said. “We have a lot of people suffering from acne or issues that we haven’t been able to address.”

The spa had a waiting list for facials before they reopened with clients whose appointments were canceled in the spring and anyone who called in the meantime.

“We did see a lot of calls for facials even when we couldn’t provide them,” she noted, adding a lot of the people were from out of town.

One of the "special masks" used to cover a person's nose or mouth during a facial. (WYDaily/ Courtesy of Purity Day Spa)
One of the “special masks” used to cover a person’s nose or mouth during a facial. (WYDaily/ Courtesy of Purity Day Spa)

When spas were allowed to offer facials as long as the client wore a face covering, Lehr ordered “special masks” ––mini face masks which cover one’s nose and mouth–– a week before Northam announced the latest changes.

“Business has been really good ironically,” Lehr said, adding the spa has been busier with nail treatments and massages, too. “And now that facials are able to be provided again, I’ve been very busy.”

The spa’s estheticians wear a face mask and a face shield during appointments and all staff change their tops in between each client including the massage therapist.

“We obviously change our sheets and blankets for each person,” she added.

Lehr said the spa uses “hospital disinfectants” for everything, including doorknobs and light switches and runs an ozone UV light air purifier 24/7.

Appointments are staggered a half an hour between clients and no one is allowed in the building without one. In fact, the spa keeps the doors locked.

Masks are required in the building and during consultations.

When asked if Lehr had anything else to add, she noted the spa is taking the pandemic “very seriously” and they want everyone to “stay healthy and wear a mask.”

“We’re very grateful we are able to provide this service to help people during this time and to be assured that we are taking it seriously and take every precaution to keep them safe as well as our staff,” Lehr said.


Julia Marsigliano
Julia Marsigliano
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