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A quick peek at the 2021 free York County calendar

The 2021 York County free calendar is currently being finalized.

This year’s calendar are photos taken by York County residents and features pollinators as a way to help educate the public about their essential impact on the environment.

The York County Beautification Committee chose the winners, each of whom will receive a cash prize and their photo will be included in the upcoming calendar.

The winners

  • Caroline Herath (Cover)
  • Caola Rood (January)
  • Betty Steele (February)
  • Kelly Satava (March)
  • Jocelyn Hurst (April)
  • Faisal Mohsin (May)
  • Gwyn Williams (June)
  • Michele Nelson (July)
  • Bobby Thacker (August)
  • Don Cole (September)
  • Colleen Jones (October)
  • Shannon Taber (November)
  • Leigh Smith (December)

Steele (February), 80, used her Canon 65x zoom back in June to take her winning photo of a hummingbird.

She said she likes to take pictures of the moon, sunsets and hummingbirds. Steele has been doing photography for fun since she was 13.

“I was ecstatic,” she said about finding out she was a winner for the calendar contest.

She has a little area that her husband built in her back yard to attract the birds.

“I always have humming birds in my yard. They’re my favorite,” Steele said.

Herath captured another one of nature’s pollinators in her yard.

Using her iPhone, Herath took a photo of a monarch caterpillar, earning her the cover page of the calendar.

Cover photo of the York County calendar courtesy of Caroline Herath.

“I’m really passionate about nature, pollinators and monarchs,” Herath said.

She made sure she has native plants and plants that attract pollinators in her yard.

“I was excited when I found out, I forgotten that I actually entered because during this year, it just seems like everything has kind of blurred together,” Herath said.

York County will let the public know in a few weeks when and where to get the free 2021 calendar.


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