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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Reconnecting during the coronavirus: York County Public Library’s activity kits to-go

October's to go activity kit. (WYDaily/Courtesy of Yorktown Public Library)
October’s to-go activity kit. (WYDaily/Courtesy of Yorktown Public Library)

New creative programs have the helped York County Public Library reconnect with the community and continue to serve them in new ways. 

One of those ways is through creating themed take-home artistic and leaning kits for toddlers to elementary school kids.

The pandemic has allowed the library the opportunity to evaluate current programs and create new, unique ones like the take-home activity kits, according to library officials.

“Our creative programs have helped us to cautiously reconnect with our community and continue to serve them in new ways, said Michelle Paxton, youth services coordinator for York County Public Library. “This pandemic has allowed us the opportunity to evaluate previous programs and create new ones.” 

For this year’s summer reading program her predecessor Jenna Shillingburg had the idea to create a fun weekly activity kit for toddlers and elementary school kids.

The goal was to connect them to the library in a new way during the coronavirus pandemic.

The theme of each kit and the target audience changed weekly.  

“The response was tremendous, so we have continued to provide the kits,” Paxton said.

Each kit includes a book list for the theme and an activity.  The science and craft kits include supplies and instructions for the experiment or craft.

The kits are available while supplies last, and are often gone by the end of Tuesday or Wednesday.

This week’s theme is a preschool kit called “Apples” and will be available Tuesday.

Fall on the Farm will be the theme for the toddlers (ages 17-30 months) kits that begin Oct. 20. Animal Masks (ages 5-12) will be the craft kit available beginning Oct. 27.

Those interested should plan to call the Youth Services Department before coming to pick-up a kit to ensure their preferred kits are still available.

Contact the Tabb Youth Services desk at 757-890-5110 or the Yorktown Youth Services desk at 757-890-3236.


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