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This Norge business just opened up in June, and already they’re expanding. Here’s what’s new

The store front of the Norge Bazaar and Ice Cream Shoppe gives customers a glance of what’s in store. (WYDaily/Courtesy of Danny and Janey Sawyer)

Fans of the Norge Bazaar and Ice Cream Shoppe are in for another treat.

The business announced on their social media they are making changes to the shop, including new plans for the back room.

The shop will now be serving hot dogs, bratwurst, pulled-pork barbecue, and much more.

Danny and Janey Sawyer are the husband and wife co-owners of the Norge Bazaar and Ice Cream Shop along with the Williamsburg Bazaar. They said they are just waiting for the health department to inspect everything before they are ready to open at the end of the week.

“There is a wall between the sandwich side and ice cream side,” Danny Sawyer said.

He added he and his wife expanded the bazaar into the old candle shop next door and added a fresh coat of paint and tiling.

Along with more space also comes preparation for the holiday season.

The last time the couple spoke with WYDaily, they mentioned how they wanted to rent out the back room of the bazaar for birthday parties and events.

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But the pandemic put a halt to their plans, so they readjusted and decided to use the space to include a spot for a “Christmas town” section where vendors can set up products to sell for the holiday season.

Danny Sawyer said they will have the Christmas section up until Jan 1, 2021.

As of right now, the shop sells vendor items such as nautical-themed décor, wooden crafts, and floral arrangements made out of wood shavings. The bazaar also includes some clothing and furniture pieces.

The most curious aspect about the bazaar is how such a new business is managing to grow and expand in the middle of a pandemic.

Danny Sawyer said when they first opened their Norge location, the community welcomed them with open arms.

“We provide a great service for the folks out there,” he said. “When we first started, we had one ice cream display. Within a month, we had to order a second one because there was so much desire to come in there and get ice cream.”

With over 24 flavors of ice cream to choose from, the Norge Bazaar and Ice Cream Shoppe is serving all year round. (WYDaily/Courtesy of Danny and Janey Sawyer)

Sawyer added the vendors have also pitched in to lend a helping hand. At first, business at the Williamsburg Bazaar was slow when the Norge location opened, but he said they are “back to where we should be now” but added he wished business was busier sooner.

“We got to learn to walk before we run,” he said.

For other new business owners, he added, “just get it going slowly. No need to rush things.”

But for the couple and the Norge Bazaar, they have a pretty sweet deal going for them.

When Sawyer saw families sitting outside and enjoying themselves during their first week of being opened, he said, “I looked over at my wife and told her, ‘This is why we opened this.’ Families are having a great time and making memories.”


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