Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Williamsburg Police is raising money for this nonprofit. Here’s how you can pitch in

The Williamsburg Police Department is once again selling patches to support the local nonprofit Here for the Girls.

Here for the Girls is a nonprofit located right off of Jamestown Road dedicated to improving the lives of those currently battling breast cancer by providing resources and support groups.

They began in 2016 when Beyond Boobs!, an in-person support group, and Pink Link, an online support-group, joined forces to better serve those fighting breast cancer.

The patches cost $10 a piece and will be available throughout the month of October in acknowledgement of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“In the past, we’ve tried to do events and things as well to help boost our sales of patches. With COVID, that might be a bit difficult, so we’re hoping through our social media campaigns and online presence we’ll sell a good amount of patches and be able to make a good donation to Here for the Girls,” said Sgt. Ashley Nichols.

Nichols presented the idea to the police chief back in 2018, and WPD has been participating ever since. This will be the department’s second year doing a full campaign.

“I personally collect patches, and it’s a big thing in law enforcement to collect other departments’ patches. So through that, I found the Pink Patch Project through social media,” Nichols said.

The Pink Patch Project began in 2013 when a southern California police department wore pink patches on their uniform all throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The movement then grew from there to start an international trend of first responders wearing pink patches and selling them to donate to cancer nonprofits.

Williamsburg Police did not fully participate last year, but during their first year, they were able to donate about $1,200 to Here for the Girls. This year, Nichols said she is hoping to sell out and make a big donation. The department has a little under 200 patches left.

(WYDaily/ Courtesy of Ashley Nichols)
This will be the second year Williamsburg Police is selling custom patches in support of Here for the Girls. (WYDaily/ Courtesy of Ashley Nichols)

Williamsburg Police will be selling the patches at the station, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You can also buy one remotely and have it shipped to you. To buy a patch, you can reach out to Nichols at anichols@williamsburgva.gov or call 757-220-2331.

All funds will go directly to Here for the Girls.


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