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The 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage is Aug. 18. Here’s how one local women’s group is celebrating

(WYDaily/Courtesy League of Women Voters Williamsburg)
(WYDaily/Courtesy League of Women Voters Williamsburg)

Women across the country earned the right to vote nearly 100 years ago, and the Williamsburg Area League of Women Voters is commemorating the occasion with a virtual discussion.

Tuesday, Aug. 18 is the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed women’s suffrage.

The Williamsburg Area League of Women Voters is hosting a webinar on Zoom at 4 p.m. that day. A link to the webinar can be found on the league’s website.

“Not coincidentally, the League celebrates its 100th anniversary this year also and we could not think of a better way to share the story of the long struggle for women’s suffrage in this country during this challenging time,” said Mary Ann Moxon, spokeswoman for the Williamsburg Area League of Women Voters. “It is long overdue to tell the story of women of color who have been marginalized in this movement as well. Plus sharing it on the actual 100th anniversary is really special.”

The webinar will describe the nationwide fight for the right to vote and introduce participants to the women who took part in the movement.

The league has partnered with Williamsburg Regional Library to present Civics 101 programs to help educate the public before the 2020 presidential election. The programs are online as a safety measure in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 19th Amendment webinar is the third in the series. The first covered the basics of civics and civic duties, some facts about the American flag, how to be an informed citizen and questions from naturalization tests. The second program went into detail about the Constitutional Convention and what has followed since.

The fourth installment of the program will tackle voter fraud and barriers to voting. It will on Sept. 15.


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