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Celli’s Chocolate Chips is moving

Celli's Chocolate Chips, owned by Gina Celli, will move to a new location off Monticello Avenue in the fall. (WYDaily/Alexa Doiron)
Celli’s Chocolate Chips, owned by Gina Celli, will move to a new location in the fall. (WYDaily/Alexa Doiron)

Fans of Celli’s Chocolate Chips won’t have to drive as far for their favorite baked goods pretty soon.

The business is moving from its current location to Courthouse Commons on Monticello Avenue this fall and will be unveiling a new branding look, said owner Gina Celli.

“We’re in the process of a whole new rebrand,” Celli said. “We want it to give us that luxury feel because our cookies are a luxury cookie.”

Celli’s Chocolate Chips opened off John Tyler Highway in the spring of 2019 and have become a favorite here ever since. Celli said the secret to her specialty cookies is that they’re handcrafted and made with love.

But after a year and a half at the business’ old location, Celli said she felt like it was time to move to an area with more foot traffic. The move will not only make the business more accessible, but it will also help grow the work Celli has become so passionate about.

“It’s huge, it’s very humbling to tell you the truth,” Celli said. “Because when we opened you had that fear that no one would like what you do. But we’ve been very successful and even though these times are dicey, we feel confident that we can be the premier destination for cookies.”

With the move comes a few changes for the business.

When Celli’s first opened, it was designed to have a dine-in experience where people could also buy coffee and enjoy their cookies at a table.

Celli said she wants to move to a more grab-and-go focused operation at the new location.

The concept of dine-in cookies didn’t really take off so moving to a grab-and-go model seemed to make more sense, she said.

The move also provides the opportunity for a “new look” for the business. Celli said the business’ brand will have new colors, labels and other marketing aspects that will help it look more like a luxury treat.

This rebranding process will hopefully help the business become a household name in cookies, she said, and will build off an already growing national distribution.

“It looks different in terms of how we package and approach our customers,” she said. “We’re very comfortable with our price point and we’ve just built a lot of confidence in a year-and-a-half to move forward.”

Another benefit of moving the location is that it will be more centralized for guests. Instead of driving to a location tucked away off John Tyler Highway, customers will now be able to buy their cookies while they’re shopping in the surrounding popular areas.

“We’re looking forward to our new customers discovering us,” she said. “But we also will be easier and more accessible for the people who have been with us since the beginning.”


Alexa Doiron
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