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Hear ye: More townhomes might be coming to Williamsburg

Holly Hills, LLC submitted an application for 38 townhomes in Williamsburg. (WYDaily/ Screenshot courtesy of the Williamsburg Planning Commission)
Holly Hills, LLC submitted an application for 38 townhomes in Williamsburg. (WYDaily/ Screenshot courtesy of the Williamsburg Planning Commission)

The Williamsburg Planning Commission on Wednesday approved an application to build 38 new townhomes.

The entire meeting lasted around two minutes and the vote was unanimous.

The applicant, Holly Hills, LLC, submitted a site plan and subdivision approval for the property located at 200 Brookwood Drive off Route 199 near the Williamsburg-James City County border.

The land, totaling 6.87 acres, is currently zoned for Multi-Family Dwelling District and is near Holly Hills Carriage Houses.

If the plan sounds familiar, you’re not seeing things.

Holly Hills LLC is actually Cale Management, a developer who previously submitted plans to build new townhomes near Holly Hills Carriage Homes in 2018.

“I just think they just spent time on how they could improve the plan and thinking through the changing economy and the change and desire for townhome housing in the area,” said Justin Justin Shawler, member of the Planning Commission. “John Cale, [a] longtime resident is leading the development and was actually at our very quick socially distant meeting this afternoon.”

The Site Plan Review Committee reviewed the plans on Aug. 14, 2019, and recommended the site plan’s approval, according to the memo sent to the planning commission.

The memo reflected an August 2020 date, but Shawler said the meeting was actually in 2019 and the date was a typo.

“The first round of discussions and recommendations we made as planning commission was focused more on the changes that would be necessary to zoning,” Shawler said, adding the property changed from a business park development to residential development.

He said they tried to address concerns at the site plan meeting.

For example, the applicant included a dog park, pond view seating area and gazebo picnic area to fulfill the active recreation requirement instead of the previously proposed walking path, according to the memo sent to the Planning Commission.

Heather Markle, zoning administrator for Williamsburg, sent a letter to the Planning Commission approving the application.

She noted the applicant must complete the final engineering plan before getting a building permit. The applicant also needs to get the construction plan certified by an engineer, provide “as built” plans and pay $60,000 to the city to build a sidewalk from Brookwood Drive to Route 199 to Jamestown Road.


Julia Marsigliano
Julia Marsigliano
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