Saturday, April 20, 2024

HRT temporarily suspends fares

Hampton Roads Transit says it plans to temporarily suspend all transit fares for HRT services effective Friday, April 10, 2020, according to a press release.
The suspension will continue until June 10, 2020 unless modified or or stopped.

The Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads said the move is part its continuing effort to limit social contact. Allowing customers to forego paying a fare, limits interaction with the operator, and not contact the fare box, among the most touched objects in a transit bus.

 During this period of no fare collection, HRT is also encouraging customers to board and exit at the rear of the bus, if they are able, while handicapped patrons and others requiring the bus to kneel for easy front access can still board at the front.

  If travel is necessary, the use of a face mask by all persons is encouraged for the safety of bus operators and other customers.
 HRT said it has already set up social distancing procedures to protect drivers while also encouraging customers to keep their distance from one another by blocking off select seats. It is continuing a campaign of heightened cleaning of all surfaces in buses, light rail vehicles, ferries and transit centers that customers and operators are likely to contact.

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