Friday, December 1, 2023

Saturday: At 27, the Historic Triangle tops the state in the number of coronavirus cases; state total, 152. Testing criteria relaxed

(WYDaily/Courtesy of Wikemedia Commons)
The coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread in Virginia.(WYDaily/Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Gov. Ralph Northam signed an executive order Friday allowing nursing homes and hospitals flexibility to add more beds.

As of Saturday, James City County has 20 positive cases of the coronavirus (COVID 19), Williamsburg has 4, York County has 3 and Newport News has 2, according to the Virginia Department of Health’s website.

On Friday, there were 114 cases in Virginia with 19 cases in James City County, 4 in Williamsburg, 3 in York County and 1 in Newport News.

The two coronavirus-related deaths in the state were in the Peninsula.

Testing criteria

The VDH has updated its testing criteria for the coronavirus with priority testing given to the following groups:

  • Medical professionals and first responders who have come into contact or cared for someone with COVID 19 and have developed any symptoms.
  • Persons living in nursing homes, long-term and assisted living facilities who have fever or show signs of respiratory illness but testing negative for the flu with no other diagnosis.
  • People living in clusters of respiratory illness where flu has been ruled out. ie, Richmond and the Peninsula. Priority for health care facility outbreaks and nursing homes are tested first.
  • Hospitalized persons who tested negative for the flu and no alternative diagnosis. Priority is given to ICU and people on ventilators.

Medical equipment

  • State lab: 1,000 plus tests available, will change based on hospitals and private labs additional testing capacity.
  • Number of tests per patient reduced to test more people.
  • Transport media (testing swabs) in short supply.
  • More masks and other personal protective equipment sent to health care providers Friday, number unclear.
  • Hospitals and health association look for ways to distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies by
    • Looking at current supply
    • Adjusting based on health systems and community footprints
    • National: Planning with National Guard and FEMA on what additional testing site would look like
  • Putting in medical supplies order through national stockpile.
  • Exploring other options such as industrial supplies using miners’ masks and possibility of manufactures creating more PPE.

Virtual meetings

The following is from Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring:

  • Public bodies can have virtual meetings only if essential action is necessary. ie coronavirus or emergency-related.
  • General Assembly does not permit regular businesses to be discussed during virtual meetings
  • If agenda is not considered essential action, defer meeting
  • Purpose: Public access to meetings, public agendas and minutes

Other updates

  • National Guard: They’re activated, not yet mobilized.
  • Health information: Use VDH, CDC or other reliable health sources
  • Restaurants, fitness centers and theaters: Have more than 10 customers, charged with misdemeanor and lose permit immediately
  • Practice social distancing, hand washing, etc.


Julia Marsigliano
Julia Marsigliano
Julia Marsigliano is a multimedia reporter for WYDaily. She covers everything on the Peninsula from local government and law enforcement agencies to family-run businesses and weather updates. Before WYDaily, she covered Hampton and Newport News for WYDaily’s sister publication, HNNDaily before both publications merged in December 2018. Julia was born in Tokyo, Japan and moved to Long Island, New York in 2001. A true New Yorker, she loves pizza, bagels and good Chinese food. Send comments, tips and other tidbits to You can follow her on Twitter at @jmarsigliano

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