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Got junk? This new business can help

A new franchise of Junkluggers is coming to Williamsburg to help people recycle and donate their old items. (WYDaily/Courtesy Zach Kirkpatrick)
A new franchise of Junkluggers is coming to Williamsburg to help people recycle and donate their old items. (WYDaily/Courtesy Zach Kirkpatrick)

A new business is coming to the area to help clients move their junk in an eco-friendly way.

Junkluggers, a national “junk removal” chain, is opening a new location in Toano under the management of locals Steve Tetreault and his stepson, Zach Kirkpatrick.

Tetreault owns the local business The Drying Co./ThermalTec, which provides insulation and moisture control solutions

He said adding Junkluggers to his current business seemed like a great opportunity, noting clients who have attics, basements and crawl spaces find those spaces filled with items, furniture and “junk.” 

“We found there was a need for this kind of business because when we are working in these spaces, they’re often used for storage and have to be cleared out for us to do our work,” Tetreault said. 

Over the past year, Junkluggers had been mentioned to Tetreault multiple times until he eventually decided it would be a logical option for his business. 

Once the new location opens in April at the Hankins Industrial Park in Toano, there will be a small team of approximately three to four people, including Kirkpatrick, who will be managing the new business. The business will also operate one large truck that has a 15-yard container attached for dumping purposes if needed, Tetreault said.

Kirkpatrick said he’s excited for the new leadership position because it not only involves continuing to work with family, but it allows him to take part in something that benefits the community because Junkluggers works to recycle and reuse the items it collects.

One of the appealing aspects about a Junkluggers is that it’s environmentally friendly, which isn’t always the case with junk removal companies, Tetreault said. Most items collected through Junkluggers are taken to donation centers if it is in decent condition and whatever can’t be donated is then taken to a recycling center.

“The whole purpose is to prevent it from going to a landfill,” Tetreault said. “For me, [Junkluggers] really hit home because if you’re going to have a removal company, you want to try and save as much of it as possible.”

Kirkpatrick added that the company takes mostly anything except for hazardous waste or valuable objects such as jewelry.

Because the items are donated, Junkluggers’ clients are able to receive a tax deductible receipt typically within two weeks of the service.

Tetreault said he is excited to start this new venture and continue the business as part of the family. 

“It adds a level of fun, to be able to work with your family members,” he said. “But it’s also a level of comfort and trust.”

Tetreault said customers can contact them for a quote or even have the business come to their home to take an estimate free of cost.

To learn more, call 757-880-0754.

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