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Listen up: Billsburg will have only one food truck and here’s why

The Billsburg Brewery is hosting its grand opening weekend from Oct. 27 to Oct. 29. (Steve Roberts, Jr./WYDaily)
Billsburg Brewer. (WYDaily file)

Fans of Billsburg Brewery will have to get used to seeing only one food truck at the location starting in April.

While Billsburg Brewery has operated on a rotating schedule for food trucks in the past, the business announced in a Facebook post on Tuesday that it will only feature one constant food truck starting in April.

According to the post, the decision was made as a way to maintain a food option for guests during all operating hours.

“We are moving in this direction due to the overwhelming amount of cancellations and the roaring of guests looking for something to eat,” according to the post. “Our customers need and want consistency, and Billsburg wants to provide that for our customers.”

Following the announcement, the post had more 200 comments as of Wednesday afternoon, with users both praising and criticizing the change because of the lack of selection it would provide for guests. 

Billsburg responded to comments with its own comment on the post, reiterating that the decision was made because “too often [their] customers were left without a food truck option at all.”

In the comment, Billsburg also said The Hungry Pug would offer a constantly changing menu for guests.

The Hungry Pug also posted an announcement on its Facebook page on Tuesday, saying it would be the singular food truck at Billsburg and will be creating a new menu with daily specials. Owners of the Hungry Pug declined to comment further. 

However, a little over a half an hour before Billsburg made its announcement, the food truck FoodaTude…Food with Attitude posted to its own Facebook page about the change.

“This of course is a huge loss for us, and we are sure the other trucks that service that area,” according to the post. 

The change was a problem because FoodaTude had already scheduled events with Billsburg through April., according to the post. However, the business later updated their post, saying Billsburg informed them it would honor their dates for April. 

Jim Kennedy, owner of FoodaTude, said he received notice about from Billsburg Tuesday morning. Kennedy said it’s frustrating because his food truck had booked events with the business and left spaces during the summer schedule to serve at Billsburg.

Kennedy said he wishes the business had told food trucks about the change back in January so they could’ve planned their summer schedules.

“That’s our livelihood, we make our money in the summer and bank it for the winter months,” Kennedy said. “What’s happened here is a bitter pill to swallow.”

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In replies to FoodaTude’s post, one Facebook user said they were upset about the change because they don’t eat cheese, which is a large component of The Hungry Pug menu. FoodaTude replied to the comment stating they were told they could park in a nearby commercial property so people could buy food and take it to the brewery of their choice.

Kennedy said he didn’t want to formally announce the location yet.

In addition, FoodaTude’s reply said the business had partnered with Dave Baum, Billsburg’s late owner, on various events and participated in charities and financially contributed to musical acts.

“We’re not just takers, we gave ourselves and our revenues,” according to the post.

In regards to the brewery’s notions of food trucks cancelling, Kennedy said FoodaTude previously had an agreement with Baum that should the weather become too cold or inclement, then the food truck wouldn’t serve that day. Kennedy said it was difficult for food trucks during the winter because there are so few customers. 

When reached by phone, a man who said he’s a bartender at Billsburg addressed the decision but declined to give his name.

WYDaily does not use information from unnamed sources.

Billsburg Brewery management was not immediately available for comment. 

Alexa Doiron
Alexa Doiron
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