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What’s going on at the old Farm Fresh in Norge? Well, it’s a mystery

Shoppers leave the Farm Fresh grocery story in Norge. (WYDaily/File photo)
(WYDaily/File photo)

The old Farm Fresh in Norge closed in October of last year. So what are the plans for the vacant grocery store space?

It’s unclear.

Richard Bradshaw, commissioner of revenue for James City County, said no one has submitted a business license for the space yet.

“Until a new business is ready to move in they are not required to register with me,” he said.

Bradshaw said he was aware of construction or work being done at the site and referred WYDaily to Tom Coghill, director of the Building Safety & Permits for the county.

“We have two applications for permits,” Coghill said.

He said Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Services Inc. a construction company based in Chesapeake, submitted two permits on Feb. 5.

One application is to remove the canopy and kiosk. The other is to remove the existing fuel system.

Neither permit has been approved, Coghill said.

When asked about construction at the site, he noted the company was not approved to start yet. However, he said zoning approved the applicant’s demolition permit for the fuel pumps.

WYDaily reached out to MAPS regarding the permits and plans for the old Farm Fresh site, 115 Norge Lane.

“There’s nobody I can speak to about that,” a woman who picked up the company’s phone said.

When asked why not, the woman said nobody would be able to answer WYDaily’s questions and declined to elaborate.

The MAPS website url is “” and most of the photos displayed on the website show gas pumps such as Exon Mobil and Harris Teeter Fuel.

It remains unclear why the company is removing the gas pumps.

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Julia Marsigliano
Julia Marsigliano
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