Friday, June 9, 2023

‘Got Fish?’ sets up shop in Hampton

Got Fish? is open at its permanent location in Hampton Towne Centre. A popular food truck, the opening has been called one of the most anticipated in Hampton Roads. (WYDaily/Courtesy Got Fish?)

It’s been called one of the most anticipated restaurant openings in Hampton Roads — you’d usually have to track the “Got Fish?” food truck around the seven cities when a craving for their crabby fries hits.

The wait is over.

JaNee Bartley and her husband, Anticius, have expanded the family business to include 40 more staff members and dinner hours at their new — and permanent — Hampton location, which opened earlier this month.

“We wanted a stationary place to really thank our customers, give them a place to sit down for all the times they were standing outside in a line with us,” Bartley said. “It gives us an opportunity to really interact on a deeper level and add value to the community so we’re happy to be here and that we’re able to do that.”

All of the fan-favorite menu items from the “Best of” 2018 overall gold-winning food truck can be found in the restaurant plus some new additions like the garlic-Parmesan corn, grilled shrimp, and mac-and-cheese.

New customers and food truck regulars had already made their way into the restaurant within the first few days of its opening, but Bartley added the team is still getting a gauge on what the tempo will be like in their prime Hampton Towne Centre location.

Soon, customers will also be able to pre-order their meals online before coming into the restaurant to pick up.

And the food truck isn’t going away. Bartley said it’ll be back this summer when the staff will split between the store and the truck.

Their hometowns in New Jersey and Baltimore, Bartley said customers are able to identify where they hail by their cooking styles but thought Hampton was the best place to set up what they hope is a flagship for a franchise of stores in the future.

“[Customers] in Hampton were extremely supportive we’d come [in the food truck] and we could see that on the day of the soft opening, they are equally as supportive now that we’re here,” she said.

Got Fish?, 14 Towne Centre Way, is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and then for dinner from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Learn more by clicking here or stay connecting with them on social media by clicking here. 

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