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Here’s an update on the Grafton School Complex (Free read)

The Grafton Middle and High School complex. (WYDaily file/Courtesy York County School Division)
The Grafton Middle and High School complex. (WYDaily file/Courtesy York County School Division)

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The York County School Division posted a new transportation schedule for the Grafton Middle and High school students affected the electrical fire on Feb. 3.

The list also includes the Tabb Middle and York High schools schedules since the students are attending school on alternating days.

“Revised bus routes and bus stop times for Grafton Middle, Tabb Middle, Grafton High and York High are now available on the division website,” according the Feb. 10 Facebook post.

The website answers frequently asked questions for parents such as the attendance policy concerning rescheduled instruction on Saturdays, updates on specialty programs, including the Governor’s School and the School of the Arts and of course, bus transportation.

Bus transportation will be provided on Saturdays and transportation staff will contact parents about students at New Horizons, School of the Arts, IB and the Governor’s School, according to the YCSD’s website.

In addition, those with Grafton parking passes will be valid at York High School, but there are no assigned spots.

“Students should park in any space painted white,” the website noted. “Students who do not have a Grafton parking pass will also be allowed to park at YHS.”

Currently, there is no updated schedule on athletic and extra curricular activities. According to the website, the athletic directors are working with Bay Rivers District on games schedules and coaches are working through the logistics.

Administrators and activities directors are also working through logistics for extra-curricular clubs and activities.

Under the Athletics & Extra Curricular Activities tab, a frequently asked question was about students competing in the Sailing Regattas on Saturdays.

“Yes, refer to YCSD policy on attendance procedures,” the website noted. See the attendance policy here on page 13.

Here are the new bus schedules below in pdf form.

Independent Investigation

York County Department of Fire & Safety Chief Steve Kopczynski said there is no update on the cause of the fire and the school division’s insurance company and adjuster is hiring a contractor to conduct an independent investigation.

“It’s very complex,” Kopczynski said, adding it’s going to be a while before the cause of the fire is determined.

He noted the fire department would continue to coordinate with the investigation and that it is not uncommon for the insurance company to handle an incident like this.

“We just don’t have the technical expertise to evaluate it,” Kopczynski said.

He referred other questions to Katherine Goff, spokeswoman for the YCSD, who could not be immediately reached for comment.

Electrical Fire

On Feb. 3, an electrical fire happened at the Grafton School Complex prompting an evacuation of the school. The fire, next to the school gym, filled the entire schools with smoke, mostly on the middle school side and while there is no structural damage, the electrical panels and equipment were damaged, which means no power for either school.

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The following week, the division decided to have the students attend school for 10 Saturdays through May 22, attend Tabb Middle and York High schools on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Students from Tabb Middle and York High School will go to school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

All students will still have off for Presidents’ Day weekend, Spring Break and Memorial Day weekend.

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Julia Marsigliano
Julia Marsigliano
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