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Applications are opening in Hampton for teens, young adults looking for summer work

(WYDaily/ Courtesy of Pixabay)
(WYDaily/ Courtesy of Pixabay)

Applications for the city of Hampton’s Summer Youth Employment Program opens Jan. 27 for ages 16 to 24 who are interested in making a few extra bucks this summer while also growing their skills and work experience.

Synethia White, a program manager for the city’s Youth Violence Prevention Initiative, said more than 80 positions are available in local businesses, city departments, and local nonprofit organizations starting Jun. 15 through Aug. 21.

“It varies every year but typically there are opportunities with Parks & Recreation, Hampton Public Libraries, and local restaurants have participated,” she said.

Applicants are matched with employers through the program based on the agency’s needs and any prior experience and interests the employee might have, although prior work experience is not required to apply. 

Once they’re accepted into the program, White said employees are required to attend a week-long training and orientation to teach some basic work fundamentals like time management, professionalism, and conflict resolution.

“Pre-employment training is pretty much soft-skills development for young people,” she said. “The little things that make a big difference in a job for young people who may not have much work experience.”

Hampton has been offering job opportunities through the Summer Youth Employment Program since 2014 as one initiative in an attempt to prevent youth violence which according to the website, peaks during the teenage years and is more than likely to be directed toward people of the same age group.

“Our office is responsible for a variety of things with an emphasis on early engagement prevention and getting young people involved so that they have less time to do things that are likely to have a negative outcome,” White said.

Employees can expect work up to 20 hours per week depending on the employer’s needs.

Hampton residents or students of Hampton City Schools are eligible to apply online and must have their application in by Feb. 24 to be considered.

Program administrators are also looking for volunteers who’d like to serve as job coaches, training facilitators, or guest speakers.

Businesses or employers interested in hosting a youth employee this summer are also welcome to register online.

Find out more information or submit an application by clicking here. 

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