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Here’s where you can safely transact your private online purchases in Yorktown and Hampton

(WYDaily/Courtesy Pixabay)
(WYDaily/Courtesy Pixabay)

Meeting strangers to buy or sell merchandise is common in the days of social media marketplaces, but it can also be a risky practice.

York-Poquoson Sheriff Danny Diggs, announced in a news release Wednesday the implementation of a designated “Safe Exchange Zone” in Yorktown, making online shopping a little more secure for residents.

The Safe Exchange Zone is located in front of the Public Safety Building, 301 Goodwin Neck Road.

“This is a proactive effort to safeguard our citizens. These zones are excellent locations to conduct your transactions especially with the uncertainty of meeting an unknown person,” Diggs said.

Deputies will not be present or assist with transactions but Shelley Ward, a spokeswoman for YPSO, said recently installed 24/7 surveillance cameras allow residents to complete their purchase transactions in a monitored area rather than in their homes.

The office prohibits the exchange of drugs, alcohol, or illegal items in the safe zone and the area is meant for person-to-person transactions, “property may not be dropped off and left unattended.”

In a recent social media video, officers from the Hampton Police Division reminded residents of their safe exchange zone at 40 Lincoln St. in front of the police headquarters building.

Officers also provided some tips for buying items online, including checking for counterfeit bills and bringing a friend along to witness the merchandise exchange.

See the video here:


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