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Holistic health opportunities are coming to Newport News

Cryo17 will host an event on Tuesday to introduce new holistic health products. (WYDaily/Google)
Cryo17 will host an event on Tuesday to introduce new holistic health products. (WYDaily/Google)

New opportunities for holistic health care practices are coming to Newport News.

Cryo17, a cryotherapy spa, is hosting a grand re-opening ribbon cutting on Tuesday to celebrate its new merger with True Found Wellness.

True Found Wellness is a holistic wellness service founded by Jill Reece, a registered nurse, according to the company’s website.

Greg Moxley, owner of Cryo17, said the company is excited to offer the new services from True Found Wellness and introduce their customers to new insights and methods of holistic health practices.

Currently, the business mainly serves cryotherapy to guests, which helps with anti-inflammation and pain reduction in a number of ways, he said. Cryotherapy uses cryogenics, which is taking nitrogen in a liquid form and turning it into a gas.

Guests stand in a machine similar to a standing tanning bed and the gaseous nitrogen is pumped into the area for one to three minutes on three varying levels of cold. Moxley said this technique helps increase blood flow in cells, provides joint pain relief and has other positive effects such as burning calories.

Moxley said it functions similar to how athletes would take an ice bath for a half an hour, but instead they can just stand in the machine for a couple of minutes.

The company is offering more products in addition to the traditional cryotherapy.

The event on Tuesday will help the company promote new products such as BEMER, which is technology that sends electromagnetic waves through the body, Moxley said.

“I love the technology and I believe firmly in it,” Moxley said. “I tell people it’s an ingredient in the fountain of youth. It’s part of a holistic approach to a longer and better life.”

The event is sponsored by the Retail Alliance, a Hampton Roads nonprofit serving local retailers. Moxley said there is already expected to be at least 40 people attending but he believes even more will show up. There will be speakers from other small businesses in the area in addition to speakers from Cryo17 and True Found Wellness.

Tuesday’s event will be at 1047 J. Clyde Morris Newport News at 5:30 p.m. It is free and open to the public. To learn more, visit Cryo17 online.

Alexa Doiron
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