Thursday, December 8, 2022

This school district received an award for its partnership with the 2019 Commemoration

(WYDaily Photo/ Courtesy of the City of Hampton)
(WYDaily Photo/ Courtesy of the City of Hampton)

Hampton City Schools was recently awarded the 2019 Commemoration Schools Partner Engagement Award.

It was the only school district to receive that award, according to the 2019 Commemoration American Evolution news release.

“Hampton City Schools was the most engaged school district in the state and the first to achieve 100% participation, with all 32 schools in the district incorporating 2019 Commemoration Schools programming into their curriculum,” Kathy Spangler, executive director of the 2019 Commemoration, American Evolution, said in a news release.

The school district received the award because of its “exceptional level of engagement” and participation in the 2019 Commemoration Schools Program,” a statewide initiative to educate students about the 2019 Commemoration.

The school district as a whole focused on themes such as diversity, inclusion and innovation with some students touring Fort Monroe and other class grades collecting food and school supplies for the Hampton community and families.

Other example of Commemoration projects include:

  • Students creating constitution and signing ceremonies at Barron, Booker, Langley, and Armstrong Elementary Schools.
  • Students designing a voting form, holding elections and tallying election day votes at Kecoughtan High School.
  • Teachers hosting a voter registration drives at Kecoughtan, Phoebus, Bethel, and Hampton High School.

For more information about the American Evolution, visit their website. 

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