Local hunter finds remains in James City County of woman missing since March

Multiple authorities are looking for a missing woman, Juliann Crystal Hobbs, who was last seen in James City County in March. (WYDaily/Courtesy JCC PD)
Juliann Crystal Hobbs was last seen in James City County in March. (WYDaily/Courtesy JCC PD)

The skeletal remains of a woman missing since March was found in James City County Tuesday, the Virginia State Police said.

The State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigations said Friday night the remains were identified as that of 38-year-old Juliann Crystal Hobbs.

Authorities said investigators got a call from a local hunter on Tuesday who had come across skeletal remains in the woods.

The remains were found in the 4000 block of Mount Laurel Road, about a quarter of a mile from the main state highway in James City County. The remains were sent to the Medical Examiner’s office in Norfolk.

Authorities said the investigation is ongoing.

James City County Police made a public request for assistance in finding Hobbs following a tip in August.

Authorities in both Virginia Beach and James City County were searching for Hobbs, who was last seen around 1:30 p.m. March 11 when she was dropped off by an acquaintance at the end of Sycamore Landing Road.

In August, James City County Police spokeswoman Stephanie Williams said Hobbs suffers from a cognitive condition. She said Hobbs  was not dropped off at a residence on Sycamore Landing Road, just at the end of the street.

The road runs along the York River above York River State Park and is surrounded by woods, creeks and marsh, according to a satellite view on Google Maps.

Authorities did not provide information about the relationship of the “acquaintance” to Hobbs.

Williams said the family then notified James City County Police that Hobbs was last seen March 11 on Sycamore Landing Road. 

In August James City County Police confirmed Hobbs was dropped off in the county.

The “acquaintance” who dropped Hobbs off called her family in late July to tell them he dropped her off. The family then sent the tip to county police, who worked to confirm various details of the case with Virginia Beach Police.

She had just moved to Virginia Beach from Florida in February.

Virginia Beach Police originally received a missing persons report for Hobbs in April. At that time, Williams said Hobbs’ medical conditions were not disclosed, meaning her case didn’t meet the criteria to be entered into the National Crime Information Center and Virginia Criminal Information Network systems. 

Those circumstances include the missing person having a disability, being endangered, being taken involuntarily, or going missing after a catastrophe.