Friday, July 12, 2024

ICYMI: Mermaid, The Witch of Pungo, police taxi and more

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Just in time

In November 1999, late Norfolk attorney Peter Decker introduced the idea of “Mermaids on Parade” to 300 business and civic leaders after he said his wife, Bess, had been to Chicago during the famous “Cows on Parade” exhibit

ODU is getting its mermaid, just in time for the iconic symbol’s 20th birthday

A legend, a beer

Grace Sherwood lived along Muddy Creek with her husband James and their three sons. In February of 1706 she was accused by a neighbor of witchcraft. She had been accused previously of things like “bewitching” neighbors; entering people’s homes through keyholes and turning into a black cat; and putting spells on livestock.

Back Bay Brewing remembers the Witch of Pungo with a beer

Police cab

The police taxi is just one of the most recent efforts the department has made toward building a relationship and gaining trust within the community — an initiative Police Chief Larry Boone said is a top priority.

Here’s how Norfolk Police continue to lead the way in community engagement initiatives


The new studio has two sound booths, one for voiceover work and vocal recording, and a larger space for collaborative work and recording with live instruments.

A library card is all you need to make music in this studio

Art and charity

Born in Norfolk as a first-generation Chinese-American, Wong said her watercolor works showcase her distinctive style blending “Western techniques with Asian influences.”

This artist is celebrating her first exhibit by giving to CHKD

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