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Upgrade your attic with The Drying Co.’s/ThermalTec’s insulation & sealing services

Those that have lived through a fall in Williamsburg are all too painfully aware that the changing season does not always result in cooler temperatures. The temperature gauge becomes a seesaw, with falling and rising temperatures.

As temperatures rise, it is tempting – yet costly, wasteful and ineffective – to crank up your home’s AC system to cool your home, but neglect the condition of your home’s attic and its insulation.

Often overlooked and regarded as a dusty room to collect storage, your home attic and its insulation, play essential roles in controlling the temperature of your home, according to The Drying Co./ThermalTec, a company that specializes in installing residential and commercial energy-efficient attic insulation, and air sealing services.

Perched immediately below the roof of the home, attics are the chief absorbers and conduits of temperatures and weather conditions into our homes. Hence, proper air sealing and sufficient attic insulation – which functions as a barrier to extreme temperatures – is vital to controlling your home’s overall temperature and essential to your comfort in your home.

When the sun scorches down on a home’s roof, the blistering rays forcefully penetrate the attic. These burning rays of heat are first heavily absorbed by the home’s attic and spark a temperature spike in the attic, while homeowner’s attempt to cool the rest of their home with their AC system. However, a home with no or poor attic insulation lacks the protective barrier between the attic and the rest of the home. This defect in attic insulation allows the immense heat accumulated in the attic to escape and transfer into the rest of the home, heating up the rooms that your AC is working overtime to cool.

Despite its crucial role in keeping homes at desirable temperatures, most homeowners are unaware that their home’s attic functions as the true conductor of their home’s comfort, governing their homes’ temperature, humidity, climate and energy efficiency. This lack of information frequently causes homeowners to neglect both the condition of their attics and attics’ insulation while steadily increasing their energy bills.

For attics to function properly, the level of their insulation should meet the regulation standards determined by the U.S. Department of Energy. Yet a recent study concluded that 9 out of 10 homes do not meet these standards.

The Environmental Protection Agency reported that more than 90% percent of American homes are under-insulated and are wasting money on the energy bills and partnered with Energy Star to launch “Rule Your Attic” to “encourage homeowners to check their attic insulation levels and then seal and insulate their attics for more comfortable and energy-efficient homes.”

Since improving an attic’s insulation to regulation standards radically improves an attic’s ability to effectively isolate from heat during the warmer months and block heat loss in the winter, Virginia’s premier attic insulation experts, The Drying Co., highly recommend local homeowners invest in and gear up their attics to more efficiently weather Virginia’s weather.

In addition to attic insulation installation, The Drying Co. provides air sealing services to fix attic air leaks, cracks, holes or other weak points, where air can enter or exit home. Sealing the cracks and leaks also saves homeowners money on their energy bills.

Before revving up your home’s AC to beat the heat, the company advises local homeowners seeking to maintain a comfortable, energy efficient home promptly schedule an inspection of their attics’ insulation. After insulation levels are measured and compared to regulation standards, homeowners can take advantage of the simple, affordable, energy-efficient insulation and attic air sealing solutions the company offers to retrofit attics for peak performance all year round.

As temperatures surge, poorly insulated attics release its boiling heat into our homes, firing up the overall temperature and humidity of homes and making our homes inhospitable place instead of cool refuge from the heat.

Poor attic insulation also detrimentally impacts your home during the winter months.

“Going through a cold winter with so little insulation is like wearing a t-shirt in a snowstorm when what your house really needs is the equivalent of a thick down-filled parka,” The Drying Co. explains.

It is a well-known and scientifically proven fact that heat tends to rise, according to scientific blog Energy Vanguard.

Therefore, during colder months, attics with sub-standard insulation siphon off – sucking up and usurping – the heat and warmth from the rest of your home. Poorly insulated attics pose a huge obstacle to an AC system’s ability to adequately disperse and maintain heat evenly throughout homes to keep residents warm and comfortable during the winter. This adverse effect forces the home’s heating system to work overtime to keep the home at a comfortable temperature, in addition to increasing your energy bill.

“Increasing attic insulation and proper air sealing are very popular energy-saving home improvements because more energy and money is lost through the attic than any other part of the house,” reports The Drying Co., which has been serving the Greater Richmond, Williamsburg, Richmond and Henrico regions for more than 25 years.

Before & After Air Sealing & Cellulose Insulation in Attic.


The EPA’s Energy Star program also emphasizes the cost benefits and states that upgrading attic insulation and air sealing to the standards recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy can reduce heating and cooling costs by 20%, making it one of the most important cost and energy-efficient tools at a homeowner’s disposal.

Given the recent spate of extreme and manic weather fluctuations in the U.S. and the bounty of benefits and protections your home and pocketbook can reap from proper insulation, homeowners should make sealing and insulating their attics a top priority this summer.

Local residents can schedule free inspections and learn more about how to upgrade and properly seal their attics by contacting The Drying Co./ThermalTec at 1-757-204-5961 or clicking here.

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