Sunday, June 4, 2023

ICYMI: E-scooter injuries, Ice rink, HIV-positive kidney transplant and more

With dozens of headlines every week, it’s easy to miss some here and there.

Get in on the conversation. Here are this week’s most read stories.

E-scooter injuries

Within the last month, medical professionals at  Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital treated twice as many patients who’d suffered from e-scooter-related injuries than they did patients who were in car crashes.

After 1 month of tracking e-scooter injuries: Here’s what professionals at Sentara found

Norfolk PD is No. 1

NPD beat the Seattle Police Department.

Norfolk PD bags $100K top lip sync challenge prize

It’s for a good cause

Officials at the aquarium recently announced they’ve received and approved a final proof from the DMV and the plate is “headed for production” with release into DMV locations estimated for late fall.

License plates benefiting the Virginia Aquarium are headed for production

Ice, ice baby

They’re working to enter into a public-private partnership to develop and build the $10 million, 90,000 square-foot facility at the Princess Anne Athletic Complex with a mission to serve a purpose beyond the rink with its after school programs.

This military-centered organization is proposing a new ice arena in Virginia Beach

Kidney donation

He donated one of his kidneys as part of the HIV Organ Policy Equity (HOPE) Act clinical trial at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina.

He’s HIV-positive and donated one of his kidneys. The recipient, also HIV-positive

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