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The Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center just got a huge bonus for this program

(Southside Daily file photo/Courtesy of Pixabay)
(Southside Daily file photo/Courtesy of Pixabay)

NORFOLK — The Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the Petco Foundation, a national nonprofit working to inspire and lead change for animals, Wednesday.  

The grant is part of the nonprofit’s work to provide $750,000 to help Virginia animal shelters reach their goal to save more than 90 percent of pets entering shelters in the state. 

Jessica Guckert, a spokeswoman for the center, said the grant will be used to create a dedicated position for their recently established medium and large dog foster program.

“Currently, the shelter does not have a specific individual to focus on this foster program,” she said. “By having a dedicated staff person, NACC will be able to provide a multi-level approach by having the ability to recruit, develop, market, and maintain the program.”

Launched in March of this year, Guckert said more than 20 dogs have gone through the center’s foster program and they are hoping to “increase those numbers significantly” — fostering rather than sheltering has proven more successful when it comes to marketing the dog for adoption.

“This program helps to minimize shelter stressors that can cause many dogs to act out or misbehave in uncharacteristic ways — a foster home allows the dog to behave as he or she normally would, providing invaluable information for marketing the dog to potential adopters,” Guckert said.  

Currently, the center has three dogs rotating through five foster homes.

Norfolk Animal Care Center is one of five animal care organizations in the state who received Petco Foundation grants ranging from $75,000 to $285,000.

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter, Galax Carroll Grayson Animal Shelter, Pittsylvania Pet Center, and Buckingham County Animal Shelter were also awarded grants.

The city’s animal care center provides care for 400 to 600 animals every month and more than 5,000 animals each year.

For more information on how to help or become a foster parent, click here. 

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