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The Treasurer’s Office is opening a location on Sabre Street with the Planning Department. Here’s what’s up

The mass shooting happened in Building 2, May 31, 2019. (Southside Daily/Melanie Occhiuzzo)
The mass shooting happened in Building 2, May 31, 2019. (Southside Daily file)

VIRGINIA BEACH — Since May 31, city leaders have been working to relocate the 384 displaced employees who worked in Building 2 and are dispersed throughout as many as 28 locations across the city as the building undergoes renovations.

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Officials announced in a news release the Planning and Community Development Offices are re-opening its doors to the public on Aug. 26 at their new location on Sabre Street but after a review of their processes determined they wouldn’t be able to take payments from customers.

Thus, a fifth Treasurer’s Office is opening at the Sabre Street location to be co-located with Planning.

Leigh Henderson, Virginia Beach City treasurer, said while online payment options are available and the number of transactions increasing each year, adding another location provides additional convenience for residents who prefer face-to-face service or have questions or concerns to discuss.

“First, serving the Planning Department’s customers in this outlying location will save them from having to drive to another Treasurer’s Office location to make a payment,” she said. “Additionally, this location will also be a full-service Treasurer’s Office location, allowing all customers to conduct business there as they would at any of our locations.”

City Council recently approved $204,294 to help establish the new office location with equipment, supplies, and three new full-time employees.

“We are in the process of recruiting additional employees but will be moving seasoned employees to the Sabre Street location allowing for new employees to receive training at our main office before moving to any of our locations,” Henderson said.

After May 31, the city accepted an offer from the Sabre Street location’s building owner to provide two rent-free suites for the first year.

The new office is still in the early stages and doesn’t have an opening date yet, but Henderson said she’s happy they’re extending their services.

“Geographically, this new location is in a good spot and will serve citizens in the Lynnhaven area who would have had to drive to another location,” she said.

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