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It’s not Flipping Flea Too anymore. Here’s what’s up

The owners of The Flipping Flea and The Flipping Flea Too have ended their partnership and The Flipping Flea Too will now be called the Williamsburg Bazaar. (WYDaily/Courtesy Janey Sawyer)
The owners of The Flipping Flea and The Flipping Flea Too have ended their partnership and The Flipping Flea Too will now be called the Williamsburg Bazaar. (WYDaily/Courtesy Janey Sawyer)

The Flipping Flea Too is a thing of the past, but fans of the store shouldn’t worry because it’s just changing its name.

On Tuesday, the owner of Flipping Flea Too, Janey Sawyer, announced the partnership between her store and the original Flipping Flea has ended.

Flipping Flea Too opened in April this year after Sawyer went into business with the owner of the original Flipping Flea, Nancy Lee. The original Flipping Flea, which opened in July of 2018, will remain open at its location in Norge, selling vendor hand-crafted items such as furniture and happy-hour supplies.

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Both Lee and Sawyer said they decided to amicably dissolved their partnership, citing personal reasons. While the original Flipping Flea will remain the same, and thriving Lee said, Flipping Flea Too will change its name to Williamsburg Bazaar.

“The only reason I decided to dissolve the business was so I could focus on my business [in Norge],” Lee said. “Sometimes, one store is enough to focus on.”

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Lee said she doesn’t have any current plans to open another location of the store.

Sawyer said after the original announcement of the split earlier this summer, she noticed a decline in customers which she believes is a result of people believing the store was closed instead of it simply undergoing a name change. But Sawyer said she wanted her customers to know her store was still available to them.

“We are excited that we’ll be able to take this new venture with our merchants,” Sawyer said. “We feel it is our job as the owner of the store to help them get their businesses [moving] forward.”

She said she had thought of changing the name to Lightfoot Bazaar to reflect the location’s past history as Lightfoot Manor, but she felt that naming it Williamsburg Bazaar greater reflected the community. 

There will be no changes in the items or style of the store as a result of the name change. But, Sawyer said, the store might be moving locations in the future in order to get more foot traffic.

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In the meantime, Sawyer said she is working on a new design and sign for the store which she hopes to have up soon.

For now, the location remains open and ready for business as the Williamsburg Bazaar, selling items from a variety of different vendors.

“To me, each vendor is an individual business partner,” Sawyer said. “We want to make sure that we keep the momentum going for them in our store.”

Alexa Doiron
Alexa Doiron
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