Sunday, October 1, 2023

City Council approves shooting range

HAMPTON — City Council here on Wednesday approved a permit application for an indoor shooting range at Langley Research & Development Park, across the street from Derby Run Apartments.

Gunsmoke will have 24-hour access.

The applicant, Red Moon Partners LLC, plans to repurpose the two buildings on the 10.5-acre site into an “outdoorsman club,” according to the planning commission’s staff report.

Carol Kleemeier Zeno, president of the Langley Research & Development Park Business Association signed off on the project.

“The Langley Research & Development Park Business Association is in full support and very excited about this wonderful project,” she wrote.

No one at the City Council meeting spoke for or against the project during public comment.

Screenshot of the elevation plan for Gunsmoke (WYDaily/ Courtesy of James River Architects)
Screenshot of the elevation plan for Gunsmoke (WYDaily/ Courtesy of James River Architects)

The new facility, 3200 Magruder Blvd. and 36 Research Drive, will have archery, drone racing, ax throwing and firearms as well as a barbershop, cigar shop and a restaurant with a drive-thru. In addition, the facility with have storage for weapons, training rooms and general meeting spaces.

The proposal included a new 100,000-square-foot facility for a model and simulation center with virtual and augmented realities, and two-, three- and four-dimensional experience, to provide state of the art high tech training for local, state and federal law enforcement, according to the report.

James Crawford, president and CEO of Threat Tec LLC, acquired International Replica Arms Company otherwise known as Red Moon Landing LLC, in January 2018, according to Threat Tec’s website.

Crawford was not immediately available for comment.

It is not immediately clear when Gunsmoke will open.

Julia Marsigliano
Julia Marsigliano
Julia Marsigliano is a multimedia reporter for WYDaily. She covers everything on the Peninsula from local government and law enforcement agencies to family-run businesses and weather updates. Before WYDaily, she covered Hampton and Newport News for WYDaily’s sister publication, HNNDaily before both publications merged in December 2018. Julia was born in Tokyo, Japan and moved to Long Island, New York in 2001. A true New Yorker, she loves pizza, bagels and good Chinese food. Send comments, tips and other tidbits to You can follow her on Twitter at @jmarsigliano

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