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How to turn a wrecked car into a summer party you won’t want to miss

When good things that help the community take place, chances are Art Hudgins is a part of it, even when you don’t see him.

The president of Hudgins Holiday Cadillac Chevrolet in Williamsburg and his family have been helping important causes and organizations for well over 40 years, and the Hudgins family is doing it again on July 12th.

A worthy cause gets a worthy car

Teaming up with Allstate Insurance, who donated a banged up car, the Hudgins Body Shop team turned it into a beautiful and dependable vehicle. The next step was to give it to someone deserving, and that “someone” is The Avalon Center, whose tireless work to end domestic violence serves over 1400 women, children and men from Williamsburg to many areas beyond in tidewater Virginia.

But the Hudgin’s team wasn’t about to just fix up the car and deliver it to the Avalon Center, at least not without a party.

Christmas comes early

On July 12th, from 11 am to 3 pm, Hudgins Holiday will turn the car lot into a party spot. They’re calling it Christmas in July, and with good reason. Yankee Candle will be bringing Santa to the festivities.

Once the kids are done making their early gift wishes, they can have fun in a bounce house, eat cotton candy and help drop local celebs in a dunk tank.

Meanwhile all families can enjoy the food of Two Drummers and the Hungry Pug while celebrating the presentation of the car to Avalon.

Admission is free, but you can still help

The celebration will be fun, but the cause is serious. Serving so many women, children and men in danger is costly, both in money and in badly needed supplies.

Christmas comers are encouraged to make a donation of either cash or one a large list of items that help women and kids eat, have decent household goods and bedding, health and beauty items and get ready for back to school. A complete list of donation items can be found here.

Art and his entire family are hoping you will join the festivities because, as author Edna Ferber said, “Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”

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