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Healthy food is arriving on plates in York County

Grunow's Kitchen serves international cuisine designed to provide healthy meals for locals and individuals with dietary restrictions. (WYDaily/Courtesy Grunow's Kitchen)
Grunow’s Kitchen serves international cuisine designed to provide healthy meals for locals and individuals with dietary restrictions. (WYDaily/Courtesy Grunow’s Kitchen)

A healthy eating experience is reopening in York County this month.

Grunow’s Kitchen, owned by Patricia Grunow, will be opening on June 28 to serve a variety of healthy, gluten-free meals to locals.

But this isn’t the first time Grunow has brought her healthy menu to the area. In 2013, she opened the business Med Meals 4 You in the same location.

“We came up with that name because medicine is what your food is supposed to be for you,” she said. “We are trying to get people healthier with their food, and the Mediterranean cuisine is known to be beneficial.”

But earlier this year, Grunow decided it was time for a change and rebranded the business as “Grunow’s Kitchen” with an even greater emphasis on farm-to-table food and an expanded menu. Grunow wants to help people use their food for healthier lifestyles and she has made it her mission over the past few years to spread that message.

Her interest in healthy eating started when Grunow went to visit her parents in an assisted living facility in Florida. She became frustrated to see their restrictive diets weren’t being properly provided for them. 

“My dad had cardiac disease and to help with that they only just took the salt off the table,” she said. “And then when he had trouble processing his food, they just poured canned gravy over it. And what is canned gravy full of? Salt.”

On her drive back home from Florida, she said she was describing the issue to her sister who then encouraged her to open a business that could cater to people with special diets or just those who wanted healthier options.

After working as a teacher and stay-at-home mother for most of her life, Grunow decided to make a life change and go to the Culinary Institute of Virginia to learn how to be a professional chef. During her time at the institute, Grunow learned a variety of meals to cook, she still always found herself enjoying international cuisine the most.

After graduating, she took that interest and plugged it into her new business where she could take the best, and healthiest, parts of international cuisine right to York County

Now, her menu boasts delectable meals such as grilled portobello mushrooms or rosemary and sun-dried tomato polenta.

Part of what makes her meals fresh, she said, is by using locally-sourced and organic products.

“It changes the freshness and flavor absolutely,” she said. “What can compare to picking a fresh tomato and slicing it on a plate 15 minutes later?”

Patricia Grunow is the owner of Grunow's Kitchen, a restaurant opening in York County designed to provide healthy meals to locals. (WYDaily/Courtesy Grunow's Kitchen)
Patricia Grunow is the owner of Grunow’s Kitchen, a restaurant opening in York County designed to provide healthy meals to locals. (WYDaily/Courtesy Grunow’s Kitchen)

Grunow also has her own garden from which she sources a lot of herbs used for her meals and she hopes to grow even more in the coming year.

That’s not the only way Grunow wants to stand out. Eventually, she said she’d like to be able to deliver meals to people who might not be able to travel to a restaurant for meals that fit their dietary restrictions. She said she wants to provide food for anyone who needs it, but also to those who might be ill or are confined to their homes.

In addition, she said she would eventually like to open a food truck.

“When you go to all these festivals, how many of those food trucks have low-salt or gluten options?” she said. “That’s something people could need.”

Grunow’s Kitchen will host a grand opening on June 28 at 11 a.m. at 4336 George Washington Memorial Highway in York County.

Alexa Doiron
Alexa Doiron
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