Friday, April 19, 2024

ICYMI: Miss Frizzle, vibrant additions, racist Facebook posts and more

With dozens of headlines every week, it’s easy to miss some here and there.

Get in on the conversation. Here are this week’s most-read stories.

Our very own ‘Miss Frizzle’

Virginia Beach is home to our very own Miss Frizzle and she drives the nature bus. READ MORE.

A vibrant addition

There’s another brewery coming to the ViBe District and its nearing completion. READ MORE.

Virginia Beach’s newest brewery is nearing completion

FB racist, sexist post aftermath

After the appointed Rose Hall District seat stepped down due to racist and sexist social media posts on his account, the board voted to postpone the seat vote. READ MORE.


The Norfolk medical school commissioned McGuireWoods LLC to conduct an independent investigation after a conservative news outlet leaked a Nortam’s 1984 EVMS yearbook page where there’s a man in blackface next to someone in a Ku Klux Klan hood. READ MORE.

The racist photo in Northam’s EVMS yearbook remains a mystery, even after an investigation. Here’s why

It’s a community space

This new art center in the ViBE District is not only a gallery — it’s a community space. READ MORE.

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