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This local ice cream business was named after a dog. It will soon set up shop in the ViBe District

414 Virginia Beach Blvd. in the ViBe District, the future location of Lolly's Ice Creamery and Soup Co. (Rami Yoakum/Southside Daily)
The future location of Lolly’s Ice Creamery and Soup Co., 414 Virginia Beach Blvd. in the ViBe District. (Rami Yoakum/Southside Daily)

VIRGINIA BEACH – This summer should be a lot cooler in the ViBe Creative District.

On May 17, Lolly’s – a family-run ice cream business that started selling its product in 2017 from a vintage Good Humor bicycle – will open its second brick-and-mortar location in the city, this one at just a few blocks off the Oceanfront at 414 Virginia Beach Blvd.

“My wife and I have lived in the area for 12 years and we had been waiting for a local ice cream shop to come to town,” said Joey Launi, who is co-owner and chief “joy officer” of Lolly’s Ice Creamery and Soup Co. “Finally, after waiting and waiting, we decided to start one ourselves.”

Lolly’s currently has an Ice Cream Factory store at 4966 Euclid Road, but Launi said while business there is steady the location is not easy to find and they’ve been looking for a more visible site.

“We spent two years searching for the perfect spot and believe we found a gem in the ViBe District. It will allow us to bring people together and create the fun, classic, welcoming atmosphere that we have longed for with this company.”

On the menu at the new location will be cups, cones, shakes, floats, and Lolly’s signature Ice Cream Flights, which is four scoops of ice cream in any flavors the customer chooses.

Launi said his love of food came from his father’s culinary influence with 40 years in the food industry and from his mom’s sweet tooth.

The Joy Bike, parked in front of the LOVE sign beside the Oceanfront Library, ready to sling ice cream during Something in the Water (Southside Daily photo,/Courtesy of Lolly's)
The Joy Bike, parked in front of the LOVE sign beside the Oceanfront Library, ready to sling ice cream during Something in the Water (Southside Daily photo,/Courtesy of Lolly’s)

“You will see their influence through our flavors,” he said. “Many people access their creativity through art, music, or writing. But for me, I’m most creative with food, and ice cream has been a great canvas to showcase that creativity.”

The name, Lolly, comes from a treasured family dog.

“She was the best and loved the most when the family was all together. What Lolly did for our family, we hope to do for our community,” Launi said, adding the new location is the perfect place for their ice cream shop. “The ViBe is ideal because it brings locals together and shows tourists some of the best that Virginia Beach has to offer. We are honored to be a part of the amazing community there.”

Lolly’s will be open from Noon-10 p.m., seven days a week through Labor Day.

Launi said on opening weekend (May 17-19) one lucky customer will win “free ice cream for life.” Additional details will be released closer to the grand opening date.

“We will be building a staff team eager to serve others in our community, and we’re looking for people who want to work hard, have fun and make others smile,” he said.

The location was most recently used as a parking lot.

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