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Residents in Williamsburg can now experience ‘mom and pop’ health care with new urgent care

Williamsburg Urgent Care is set to open on May 29. (Alexa Doiron/WYDaily)
Williamsburg Urgent Care is set to open on May 29. (Alexa Doiron/WYDaily)

Residents in Williamsburg can look forward to a new location for quick and reliable health care with a family touch.

“As a family doctor you have this quality of care where you get to know [a patient’s] family and as they age you age, together,” said Dr. Anna Stankiewicz, owner of Urgent Care Williamsburg, 5239 Monticello Ave. “Because Williamsburg is so small, you can do that in an urgent care setting as well.”

Urgent Care Williamsburg will be the third location for quick one-stop health care in the city, but Stankiewicz said hers will be different because of the small, family-friendly atmosphere.

This isn’t Stankiewicz’s first time working in an urgent care setting. For the past five years she has worked in urgent care practices in Williamsburg and prior to that was a family doctor in New Jersey.

“I moved to Williamsburg five years ago and what drew me to the area is the melting pot of people that come down here,” she said. “I love the people and to open up an urgent care where I can be that doctor I always wanted to be while going back to my family practice roots is really exciting for me.”

Stankiewicz refers to the new business as a small “mom and pop urgent care” and she said that’s what will be at the core of its values.

One of the perks of opening an urgent care, she said, is the flexible hours so she can spend time with her family and embrace parts of the community she loves.

“As a doctor, I am there to treat patients and it’s hard to have that business aspect,” she said. “I think it was my husband ultimately who pushed me to do this on my own. And to do it together as a family, I think really strengthened us.”

At the practice, there will only be one other physician in addition to Stankiewicz. Dr. Jennifer Dean, who has known Stankiewicz since their residency in New Jersey in 2004, has worked in an urgent care setting in Williamsburg for the past decade, Stankiewicz said.

The pair will trade off 36-hour shifts, giving them three days on the job and four days off. 

One of the other unique aspects of the new urgent care will be the capability to perform lab tests on-site. This means a patient could have their results before they leave the office during a visit, which Stankiewicz said is important to a quality health care experience.

In addition, the location will offer online and text appointment booking.

“As a mom, I know it will be so much easier [to book appointments] when you have 20 things going on and your child is sick,” she said.

The location will open officially on May 29. Stankiewicz plans to host a grand opening the weekend of June 1. Guests will get a tour of the facility, be introduced to the doctors and nurses and potentially win prizes.

An official date and time has not been set.

“This is a small community,” she said. “We know the patients just from living here. And for a patient to know their doctor is important for great health care.”

For more information, visit Williamsburg Urgent Care online.

Alexa Doiron
Alexa Doiron
Alexa Doiron is a multimedia reporter for WYDaily. She graduated from Roanoke College and is currently working on a master’s degree in English at Virginia Commonwealth University. Alexa was born and raised in Williamsburg and enjoys writing stories about local flair. She began her career in journalism at the Warhill High School newspaper and, eight years later, still loves it. After working as a news editor in Blacksburg, Va., Alexa missed Williamsburg and decided to come back home. In her free time, she enjoys reading Jane Austen and playing with her puppy, Poe. Alexa can be reached at

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