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Attention artists: Here are a few more opportunities

(Southside Daily file/Courtesy of Pixabay)
(Southside Daily file/Courtesy of Pixabay)

Artists in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area have plenty of opportunities to apply for paid projects and the cities just released a few more opportunities.

The City of Norfolk Public Art Program and the City of Virginia Beach Cultural Affairs invite artists to apply for eight opportunities to have their artwork seen.

Public art has exploded in the cities and is everywhere from street corners, underpasses, plazas, community centers, and the walls of many businesses.

Hampton Roads decision-makers and leaders understand the arts and artists are important parts of the cities’ economic development and quality of life, officials said in a news release.

The National League of Cities acknowledges the arts are intertwined with nearly every major city issue – public safety, infrastructure, housing, education, budgets, energy and environment, health, diversity and the well-being of individuals and societies, officials said.

“Hampton Roads is a place for the arts, and we should be very proud of our well-earned reputation.  It’s good for our economy – and it’s good for our soul,” officials said.

A summary of the opportunities in order of their submission deadlines, budgets and links to the full prospectuses are listed:

Elizabeth River Trail in Larchmont

  • Deadline: April 18
  • Budget: $50,000

Norfolk Summer Public Art Program

  • Deadline: April 20
  • Budget: $25 per hour half days June 24-Aug. 15

Rudee Loop North large-scale mural

  • Deadline: April 29, 2019
  • Budget: $10,000

Fire Fighters Union

  • Deadline: April 29
  • Budget: $6,500

17th Street sculptural installation

  • Deadline: April 30
  • Budget: $45,000

Richard A. Tucker Memorial Library                                                       

  • Deadline: May 3
  • Budget: $125,000

Lake Lawson/Lake Smith

  • Deadline: May 7
  • Budget: $15,000

Bay Oaks Park

  • Deadline: May 23
  • Budget: $125,000

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