Sunday, December 10, 2023

Here are a few paid artist opportunities locals might want to check out

NORFOLK — The city’s arts and public art program is looking for artists for three different paid opportunities to build public art projects.

The program is looking for artists to complete projects at the following locations:

  • For the new Richard A. Tucker Memorial Library.
  • To work with teens this summer to create public artwork for the Lakewood Music & Dance Center and for a police station.
  • For the Elizabeth River Trail in Larchmont.

Details for each project are as follows:

  • The Richard A. Tucker Memorial Library art planning committee wants the artwork to tell the story of the rich culture and history of Campostella and make a statement about the people who live here and their contributions to society, officials wrote in a news releases. The budget is $125,000 and the deadline for artists to apply is 2 p.m., May 3.
  • The Norfolk Public Art Summer Program wants to hire two artists to work with teens in the Emerging Leader Program to create public artwork around Norfolk. The artists will develop a permanent art project for either the Lakewood Music & Dance Center or for a city police station. Artists will be paid $25 per hour to work half days between June 24 and Aug. 9. The application deadline is April 20, 2019.
  • The Elizabeth River Trail Larchmont public art planning committee is looking for public artwork that is refreshing, welcoming, inclusive, contemplative, and perhaps mystical. The budget is $50,000 –- half from the Elizabeth River Trail Foundation and half from the city. The deadline for artists to apply is 2 p.m., April 18.

For more information about those opportunities and how to apply, click here.

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