Saturday, June 3, 2023

You can avoid jail by using this service. It’s free

NORFOLK — St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday and there’s a lot going on in the city for those of drinking age, so Kalfus & Nachman PC has partnered with Norfolk Black and White Cab to provide their Safe Ride Home program.

The program is something that Kalfus & Nachman PC do for various holidays and long weekends in an effort to curb drunk driving.

The program is offering free rides for those who may have had one too many (of course, 21 and older) to their home.

Participants may not use the service for transportation from one drinking location to another — the purpose of the program is to offer safe transportation home, said Kalfus & Nachman PC.

Those who live in the 757 area can participate in the program but they must keep in mind not every call can be accommodated and they should have alternative plans just in case.

To take advantage of the offer, simply call 757-855-4444 and request a cab from the Kalfus & Nachman PC Safe Ride Home program.

Here are the details of the program:

  • Riders must be 21 or older to receive a free cab ride home.
  • Rides must be with “Norfolk Black and White” Cab Service, Uber or Lyft. Black and White Cab does not service pick-ups in Portsmouth.
    • There is a $35 cap on Lyft & Uber reimbursement (Reimbursement Form can be found here)
    • Rides cannot be guaranteed, however, every attempt will be made to accommodate all requests.
  • Free cab rides must be from a bar or restaurant and to your home or apartment.
  • You can only get one free cab ride per national holiday or major community event.
    • For more information about what constitutes a national holiday or major community event for our Safe Ride Home campaign, call Kalfus & Nachman at 855-880-8163.

To learn more about the Safe Ride Home program, click here.

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