Sunday, December 3, 2023

Did you hear about this merger? Here you go

NORFOLK — Old Dominion University’s Credit Union  as merged with Langley Federal Credit Union to expand services and adapt to technology demands.

Langley is known for its innovative approach to banking and providing exceptional customer service in Hampton Roads for more than 80 years.

The merger was completed in January with extensive renovations to the existing ODUCU branches in the Webb Center and at 2701 Hampton Blvd. Webb Center now has a modern banking bar along with individual, self-service banking iPads.

The Hampton Boulevard changes take an open-concept feel with a new approach using personal banking pods.

ODUCU members were automatically transferred to Langley, including automatic dispersion of banking cards. ODUCU brings more than 3,000 members – students, employees and their families — to Langley.

“Since Langley FCU has been on the ODU campus, we have seen an increase in accessibility,” said Brandon Carter, a Langley financial service representative. “We offer many services that weren’t available before, such as on-site card printing and the utilization of our Smart ATM.”

Members can use any of Langley’s 55,000 branches nationwide surcharge-free. They also have access to free online and mobile banking, and receive the same rates offered to all Langley members.

“The convenience it offers is great,” said Ardena Jordan, an ODUCU member for 18 years. “I can just walk right downstairs and get the support I need or use the Smart ATM. Another great benefit is being able to use the various Langley FCU locations for my banking needs.”

For more information, stop by any local branch to speak with a representative or visit this link.

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