Saturday, December 2, 2023

ICYMI: Dead bald eagle, the Dome, short-term rentals and more

With dozens of headlines every week, it’s easy to miss some here and there.

Get in on the conversation. Here are this week’s most-read stories.

Injured bald eagle

The injured bald eagle found on a Virginia Beach golf course has died after several days in a rehabilitation center. READ MORE.

Injured bald eagle found on Virginia Beach golf course dies

The Dome

City council has voted to create an agreement with the Dome site developer in Virginia Beach. READ MORE.

City Council votes to create agreement with Dome Site developer

A pet supply thrift store

Pet supply thrift store, Already Been Chewed, is in need of your donations. READ MORE.

Short-term rentals

After three years of discussion, Virginia Beach short-term rentals are now under regulations. READ MORE.

After 3 years of talk, Virginia Beach short-term rentals come under regulation

Coast Guard going unpaid

For the first time in U.S. history, the Coast Guard is going unpaid in the ongoing partial government shutdown. READ MORE.

Hampton Roads Coast Guard not getting paid — first time in U.S. History


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